Vacation Spots in Georgia

You Won’t Believe These Vacation Spots in Georgia: The 7 Wonders

7 Vacation Spots in Georgia Bless my soul, you haven’t heard of Georgia’s seven wonders?  OK, no judging here – even though I’m a southern girl, I didn’t hear about some of these vacation spots in Georgia either until I started travel writing a few years ago.   So here I am spilling the beans again […]

College Admissions

7 Smart College Admissions Hacks For Homeschoolers

  7 Smart College Admissions Hacks For Homeschoolers College admissions requirements can be absolutely terrifying.  As in, lying-in-the-bed-staring-at-the-ceiling-for-hours kind of Mom terror.   You feel as if you have been called to walk this road as a homeschooling high school Mama, but there is always second guessing.  Thoughts of doubt like, “How can I assist my kid to showcase themselves […]

Safe Family Movies

Cool Movies For Families You Forgot About Or Didn’t Know Existed!

  Cool Movies to watch with the family Searching for fabulously cool movies for the fam?  I love a great story but I have a strong conviction of keeping trashy media out of our home.  It’s harder than ever to find quality shows to share with the family but I’ve got the ultimate cool movies list that will knock your […]

chocolate chip muffins

Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Muffins Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

Oh chocolate chip muffins, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways that this recipe will soon be your new B.F.F like it is mine.   They should be called double chocolate chip lava cakes if you cook them like I do – gooey in the middle – with two scrumptious sources of chocolate that are quick […]

Beauty Basics Gone Wrong?

4 Beauty Basics You’re Probably Doing All Wrong!

As a stylist, I’ve heard about beauty routines that aren’t working out …  “I make a mess with mascara – I give up!”  or  “My bobby pins don’t hold my hair – what am I doing wrong?”  or  “My hair is always so flat no matter what I do.”  I’ve heard it all and I […]

Homeschool Mom Interview!

Interview With A Homeschool Mom

I was honored as a Homeschool Mom to be interviewed recently by Jenny from Faith and Good Works.   You probably know how passionate I am about life-long learning, so when she asked me to be part of a series where she interviews homeschool Moms to showcase us all, I was tickled. Here’s an excerpt: Welcome […]

Best Vacations Spots For Families This Year

Best Vacation Spots Families Must See This Year

There are family vacations and then there are best vacation spots that your family can’t stop reminiscing about five years later.  Yeah, you want another one of those Mom-hit-a-homerun-when-planning-this-trip kinda getaways this year.  Each of these extraordinary destinations allow your family leave the madness back home and get back to tight-knit family fun.   You […]

Homemakers Bring Mayberry Back!

Homemakers: Bring Mayberry Back Challenge & Giveaway!

Homemakers, did you ever imagine that our world would get so far away from traditional values in our lifetime? America of days gone by … the land of apple pie, baseball, and innocence in family TV shows like Andy Griffith with an unspoken moral code of old-fashioned goodness, kindness, respect, and simply “doing the right thing.” A […]

Ways to Lose Weight Fast

7 Ways To Lose Weight Fast!

Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast? When you are uncomfortable with your current weight (like I was 60 pounds ago), you want the best ways to lose weight fast without sacrificing your favorite foods or joining a gym class, right?  You know that you may have some not-so-healthy habits that need tweaking, but the thought of jumping […]

How to Apply Makeup

How To Apply Makeup ~ Hacks For A 3-Minute Face

How to Apply Makeup Quickly & Easily? I found out that 97.5% of my friends had absolutely no idea how to apply makeup – not even the basics – nothing.  All this time I just thought they were into the natural look. Are you like my friends that are lost in the sea of overwhelm? […]