Memorable 7 Mondays Begin !!

It’s Monday, Y’all! 

Mondays are going to start lookin’ a Lil different around here….

Sharing the Love

The main reason I began blogging was because of my overwhelming passion to help people~especially with various topics that I adore.  Thoughts are constantly swirling in my mind about what I can help with. 

It’s a crazy-pants condition that have.

The other reasons for blogging were to chronicle our lives in a digital-scrapbooking sort of way and then easily share it with family and friends.  This is where my new M7Ms will neatly come in.

“What in the world are M7Ms,”  you say?

Thanks for asking!

Memorable 7 Mondays

I thought it would be fun to put all of our memorable moments from the previous week into a neat and tidy little spot here on the blog each week.  Every Monday I’ll showcase the top 7 memories from the past week.

Anyone who knows me well realizes that 7 is my absolute, with-a-doubt, favorite number in the world.  I would love to take this opportunity to tell you all the reasons why I (am obsessed) love the number seven but that will be another post

I think it’s God’s favorite number too.  ­čśë

In the bible, the number seven means perfection, completion, and sheer awesomeness.

Great number, eh?

Week of April 8th M7Ms:

  1. This week, Princess discovered some new friends in Charleston in addition to Lucy Goose-y that we have started meeting each evening at the same place….same time.
  2. It was the first full week that felt like Spring in the beautiful south.  Each day was a very pleasant 70 to 80 degrees which allowed us to sunbathe or even swim {you know I didn’t swim}.
  3. It was the first week after ending our Six-Week “Eating Fresh” Experiment and we continued on without a hitch~eating clean during the week with a couple “restaurant nights” on the weekend.
  4. Spent some great, valuable time with Captain America on phone dates catching up with his crazy-busy college life where he is doing very well. {thanks to y’all who ask about him often!}
  5. I received two awesome books from Tyndale House to review titled Lead Your Family Like Jesus: Powerful Parenting Principles from the Creator of Families and Prototype: What Happens When You Discover You’re More Like Jesus Than You Think? You will be hearing lots more about these in the near future.
  6. We tried out a neat Lil hamburger joint called Johnny’s Olde Village Grill which is located in the {original} downtown, North Charleston.  Yum!
  7. We worshiped Sunday in yet another town than the past three weeks.  This time we were visiting my Pa-in-Love on Lake Blackshear, Georgia to help him a bit around the house.  Since he is an older, single chap~He asked Superman to help him with some yard work of tree-cutting, grass cutting and more.  Princess and I did some housework for him on the inside of his house.
Our New Friends that “meet” us each evening on the dock when we are in S.C.



Fresh Hamburgers~Cooked Fresh when ordered


My Reading Spot on Lake Blackshear
Pa-in-law wants help with simple, masculine window treatments.

I hope you enjoyed our recap.

Leave me a Comment about this post {including window ideas}.
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