How To Get Back On Track After Halloween Candy Hangover {Fab Fall Challenge Week #4}

OK, news flash —> Knowing how to get back on track after the Halloween Sugar Hangover is rough!

I know what you are thinking, “But you help women make healthy choices with food and fitness and you’ve stuck to a healthy lifestyle for so long that you lost 60 pounds the right way.  YOU had a sugar coma after Halloween?”

The answer is yes, yes, and YES!

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I know, I know ….. I got some ‘splainin’ to do.  Let’s get to it, shall we?


The Plan

I want to be as transparent with you as possible because I hope that this will help you. That’s why I write about all I do for my fellow quirky Mamas, after all.

I had been planning for some time to enjoy this fall season with occasional treats and fun Halloween candy with the fam for several reasons.

  • We’ve been good for sooooo long
  • We just found out there aren’t quite as many food allergies in the house as we once thought, so it was time to celebrate
  • Fall is my favorite food of all time – I’d been saving up for it for months


Of course, we are in the midst of the Fabulous Fall Challenge, so I’d planned ahead {or so I thought}, for quite some time. Where my plan went a little haywire was when I dropped my guard and started days ahead with Superman’s birthday.  I rationalized that we would be getting a birthday cake for the birthday boy anyway and it was so close to the Halloween candy weekend that it wouldn’t do any harm to start early.

Holy Candy Corn, was I wrong!!!

There were way too many days filled with sugar! By the time the weekend came, I was moving so slowly that a snail could have passed me in the dust.  I felt terrible, but did we stop eating sugar and other bad carbs? Oh no.  We did what most  do that fall prey to the evil villain’s {sugar} addictive schemes…..

We wanted more.  

What I’ve learned again -I needed a refresher course- is that:


The key is finding out what “moderation” means for your body so that you can enjoy thangs while being able to snap back to what you know is best. 

So what did we do to combat the Halloween Candy Hangover Blues? While it will take several days to pull ourselves completely out of the sugary pit this week, here’s how to dig your heels in to feel lean, healthy, and energetic again:


How to Get Back on Track

       1. Start with protein for breakfast and only have complex carbs with lunch. No more carbs during the day. I’ve talked over and over about having protein at all five of your meals and it is really crucial now. It will help to regulate that blood sugar so you can get back to normal.

       2.  No more sugar.  That means no bad carbs at all this week {we shouldn’t have them anywayz- the “white” stuff we all know is bad for us}. The first three days will be the toughest because your body will want more to fill the void of sugar you’ve been filling it with.  You have to be stubborn, Sister. You can do this. Make sure you’ve done #1 and move on through the rest of this list and you will be able to conquer!

       3.  Eat every two to three hours. Without fail. You will have to plan ahead in order for this to work. Before you go to bed each night this week, make sure you have a protein planned for five times for the next day.  You will mix healthy choices with those proteins of course as I’ve talked about before. DON’T skip meals!

       4.  Drink that water.  Just like the rest of this list, you know this already but I am your friendly reminder call. My Advocare friend Tammy taught me to fill a gallon jug of water first thing each morning and make sure you have it gone by the time the day is over. Enough said.  Don’t overcomplicate it.

   5.  Take those vitamins.  Those supplements are more important than ever. I’ll be honest-I woke up this morning not wanting to eat right and take my vitamins, but I made myself do it anyway. It made such a difference. I went back to drinking my warm mug of B-vitamin drink this morning {I’d skipped it all last week}, and filled my body with what it had been missing! There are a couple more but I’ll tell ya about those later.

       5.  Plan your next reward.  I am not crazy {well, I am but let’s stick to the point here}, to think that I won’t need another treat til Thanksgiving Day. No, we are working on a plan right now to pick just one weekend day to splurge, but with just one food item or two, not days on end of treats! This is key. 

 Learning How to be a Happy Morning Gal won’t hurt either!

Food should be enjoyed.  The moderate way we go about enjoying them is up to each family. Don’t give up, Mama. Start fresh, eat clean, and learn from your mistakes. But whatever you do…..

Don’t Lose Heart!


So how about it? Share in the comments how you did this past week and which action items you plan to take to get your health back on track!


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