How-to Wellness: All Natural Cough Remedies

Ah, the aggravating cough …

It’s never convenient and we typically start seeking out cough remedies quickly for something that will bring relief for ourselves and our family. Coughs can be painful, and sometimes, downright embarrassing if we can’t get a handle on them. It’s such a blessing to have a few remedies around the homestead so you aren’t desperately scrounging around at the last minute.

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I became interested in all-natural remedies a few years ago when I stumbled on a couple old-fashioned books at the library.  After much research, several years, and a lot of experimenting, I’ve got a handful of jam-up cough remedies that have proved to be very effective for fighting that nagging cough.

Check out the full article about my favorite 5 All Natural Cough Remedies over at Self Reliant School and comment there to let me know if you’ve tried any of my suggestions and which are your faves.

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