Homeschool High School

Choosing to homeschool high school is tough and a huge responsibility but it isn’t as scary and complicated as it seems. If you are called into homeschooling high school, you can provide a customized, college-bound education for your teen.

I’m tickled to ease your Mama anxiety so let’s get on to those hacks, shall we?!
Homeschool High School


Homeschool High School Hacks to Help you!

Hack 1:  Read this from HSLDA to find out your state’s requirements and do it all.

Hack 2:  Check out a potential college’s homeschool admission requirements.

Hack 3:  Pray, then talk to your kid about career exploration. Then listen.

Hack 4:  Figure out your child’s learning style. Not yours. How they learn best.

Hack 5:   Choose curriculum for mandatory subjects & special interests based on learning style.

Hack 6:   Make a flexible, 4-year high school plan on paper (help is coming!)


I’m sharing tips I use to ensure that lessons are caught instead of taught and  Mom-to Mom encouragement, Christian homeschool resources, transcript help, College-Prep curriculum, interactive teaching tools, where to get used homeschool books, etc.


Help is on the Way with Details

Our community’s school system is one of the best, so what led us to homeschooling?




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