August Vacation Ideas With Family On Amelia Island Florida

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I have hazy memories from my childhood of an August vacation or two on Amelia Island for summer camping with my grandparents. What I didn’t realize then was that those vacations in Fernandina Beach, Florida would be some of my most cherished memories later in life. This summer, Superman and I set out to create family beach vacation memories of our own. There’s something about going in August – after the summer rush that thrills me. The following is part one of what happened when I returned to this Florida beach destination with my own little family!

August Vacation to Amelia Island Florida - sunrise!
Fernandina Beach Sunrise, patty o’hearn kickham, cc

August Vacation

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My parents and I and my Aunt and Uncle and their kids would all pile in my Grandparent’s Winnebago and head to Amelia Island, Florida when I was young. My cousins and I would ride our bikes, the women would sunbath, and the men would fish for our dinner. Boy, oh boy, I had no idea that those were the good ol’ days, for sure!

Although the hubs and I didn’t follow this exact model for an August vacation this time around, we stayed in a condo on the North end of Fernandina Beach where it was very quiet. Ironically, the street to our condo was right before the one that leads to Fort Clinch State Park.  When I saw that park sign, it made all my childhood memories come flooding back and I knew we had to visit – at least for a little while during our beach vacation.

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August vacation & more vlog

Many of you have asked us to vlog our daily lives more.  You asked and I’m answering.  I’ll share more of the details of our Florida beach vacation in the very next post.  For now, I’ll leave you with a vlog of our time in Fernandina Beach AND what happened when we returned home.  Enjoy the latest family vlog below:

If you can’t view the video? Click HERE
Amelia Island, Florida is a wonderful family vacation idea for any time of the year.  Part two of our August vacation there is Fernandina Beach Secluded Beach & Favorite Restaurants!

Would you ever take your family on an August vacation? Tell me about it in the comments!


All about our August Vacation to Amelia Island Florida & other family adventures!


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