7 Ways To Lose Weight Fast!

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When you are uncomfortable with your current weight (like I was 60 pounds ago), you want the best ways to lose weight fast without sacrificing your favorite foods or joining a gym class, right?  You know that you may have some not-so-healthy habits that need tweaking, but the thought of jumping on another diet plan that is sure to fail is a daunting thought.

So what’s a girl to do?

Ways to Lose Weight Fast

I hear ya loud and clear:  You just want to slim down and succeed at this “healthy thang” for the long haul without starving and gnashing of teeth.  What I have found over many years with my own health, coaching many women, and extensive research is that women stick with these best ways to lose weight more often when things are simple, results are quick, and everything tasty isn’t taken away.

Let me explain …

7 Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Most of these hacks are weight loss tips that you’ve probably heard before with a few new ones mixed in.  There’s a reason that you hear certain facts over and over … because they work!  Promise me your eyes won’t glaze over because these are so easy, sister.  Any way to lose weight fast that don’t involve extreme exercise and starving are bonuses in my book.


  1.  Drink that Jug O’ Water – Don’t give me that eye roll yet!   EVERY woman I have health-coached finds that if you can drink one gallon of water a day for a week, your body will crave water and you’ll reach for it often without realizing it.  Fill a gallon-sized container (a milk jug when you are at home) or several cute sports bottles (when you leave the house) with water and make sure it’s gone before you go to bed each night.  Having to run to the potty constantly will change and you’ll fall in love with H2O.
  2. Eat more food & more often – Woot!  You’ve heard this all your life but you still don’t believe it, do you?  It’s true.  Eating every two to three hours keeps your blood sugar level and your hunger low.  No more hangry (hungry+angry) people.  When you space out your food groups throughout the day in these five to six meals and snacks, you get all the good stuff in and you don’t have as much room for unhealthy stuff.
  3. Eat protein at every main meal – So at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, eat a high quality protein like lean beef, chicken, fish, eggs, beans, etc.  Make sure you mix up your variety and you’ll never tire of these tasty foods.  One of the easiest and best ways to lose weight is to add in these lean proteins.  Unless you are anti-meat, this hack is so easy.  You’ve heard me preach about adding protein and how easy it is to get protein-rich meals on the table.
  4. Eat more eggs – Y’all, eggs are a powerhouse.  They are cheap, easy to cook, and full of healthy benefits.  I could go on and on about the vitamins, brain power, and protein in eggs, but you’ve already heard it all.  Trust me!  If you are worried about the fat content, just eat one yolk a day (like me) with your egg whites, or just eat the egg whites all by themselves.
  5. Get more shut-eye – I am a self-proclaimed night owl that has been transformed by learning how to hit the hay earlier and the benefits of sleeping more.  I’m a believer who loves to wake up early instead.  It’s a miracle!  You will be amazed if you consistently give this a try.
  6. Double the veggies – If you aren’t a vegetable lover, don’t panic.  All I’m asking you to do is think about how many cups of veggies you eat in one day.  Whatever that number is, I want you to double it and to prepare them as clean as you can.  They can be cooked so many easy ways – experiment!
  7. Eat Yo Healthy Breakfast Every Single Day – I’m asking, no, I’m begging you to eat breakfast.  I know, I know, not everyone is a food-straight-outta-the-bed person.  I wasn’t.  I’ve learned to work it in each morning because I know it is so busy to fuel my body first thing so that I will feel good throughout the day.  It’s worth it.  Remember to add a lean protein and a healthy carb and you’ll be full and happy.

Did you notice that not one thang was taken away from you?

These healthy hacks will get you started on the road to healthier days, looser pants, and a being a happier girl, especially if you are starting from ground zero with this healthy life.  Here’s the key —> you must be consistent.  Not too bad, huh?!

Here’s your challenge:  Make sure you include every one of these seven hacks for one full week, rinse and repeat for another week, and then check in with me.  I’d love to hear your results.

Have any questions about the best ways to lose weight fast?


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  1. Nina
    June 22, 2016 / 8:49 pm

    I wish I could lose weight at all! I suck at it.

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