Farmhouse Easter Ideas: How To Easily Decorate & Love Your Home

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Crisp Springtime air, light pastel colors after dreary winter, and the season of hope of Christian faith are reasons why Easter brings me joy. So, I’m tickled to share some fun Easter ideas for decorating in adorable farmhouse style this year. Oh, yeah! Indoor and Outdoor Easter Decorations with a couple Easter decor DIY ideas thrown in that won’t break the bank have been top on my list lately. So let’s get busy, friend, spreading a little Springtime love around our homes for friends, family, and ourselves to enjoy!

view of white vase, pink roses, and pink Easter eggs on table


It seems like every Spring season when I’m ready to decorate, all the Easter decor is so expensive. The reality is that I don’t plan ahead and I’m just wondering around at the last minute wanting to grab items. When I see how much the farmhouse style Easter decorations that I like cost, I just keep on walking. Therefore, I don’t have very much to decorate with when it comes time.

This year, I’m ready early. As you know if you’ve been following my social media, we’ve been doing a lot of renovation on the homestead and I’m super excited to finish and redecorate. I’m pretty tickled to show you the affordable Easter ideas I have – both DIY and cheap Amazon decorations we can just buy!

  • New but old Easter decorations
  • DIY Easter decorations
  • the best Amazon Easter decorations for inside & outside


Since I’m trying to be frugal with my Easter budget (I assume you are too since you’re reading this) AND stay within the Farmhouse Easter decor style,  I realized that I had many pieces in my home already that could be pulled into this special Spring decor.

Variety of containers ~ If you’re like me, you have several solid white pieces that aren’t seasonal that can be used for many holidays. Look around and see if you have any white, silver, wood, glass or galvanized metal vases, buckets, baskets, etc. Look around before you answer because you may be surprised in what you already own. These pieces can be the base for a new tablescape or mantle.

Inexpensive contents ~ As suggested above, find a variety of containers around the house and then fill them with artificial flowers or flowers from your garden. You’ll be amazed how pretty some artificial flowers can be that are bought at craft stores, dollar stores,, or from Amazon. Real flowers don’t have to be fancy either – simple, long-stemmed wildflowers are a nice touch for a springtime feel.

view of Easter ideas DIY


Before you get anxiety about having to make a fragile egg craft or something (just, no), realize that I struggle in this area. I always want to do crafts for the holidays but I also don’t want to spend more money buying the supplies than just buying it on Amazon.

Rustic bunny ~ How about a DIY rustic bunny from wood pieces that you or the hubs just may have laying around somewhere. Check out the tutorial for this adorable wooden bunny.

Meaningful decor ~ It’s fairly easy to find Easter bunny decor in practically every store in this season, but finding faith-based decor that’s pretty is a much harder task. Check out these beautiful DIY Religious Easter Decorations that I’m obsessed with. I’m definitely making the twig cross wreath pictured and can’t wait!

Chalk spray paint ~ Make old containers you have feel fresh and new with a quick spray of white or pastel-colored chalk spray paint. Fill them with inexpensive flowers or other decor. You can use this to paint many things like the idea below.

White frames ~ Most everyone has picture frames sitting around or can purchase some very cheaply. How about filling several white frames (this can be ones you already own just spray painted white if you have to) with photos of past Easter celebrations?! I think it would be super cute to have several frames sitting on a table or mantle of Easter memories you and your family have shared together or with the Easter bunny!

Farmhouse carrots ~ Here’s how to make the coolest looking farmhouse accessories that would add so much texture and cuteness to a tablescape or vignette: dollar tree carrots.


Here are a few of my favorite adorable indoor Easter decorations available easily on Amazon:

Spring Theme Pillow Covers
Easter Burlap Banner
“He Lives” Table Top Decor

Here are my favorite outdoor Easter decorations easily found on Amazon:

Simple Front Door Artificial Boxwood Wreath 
Wood Wagon Flower Planter 
Easter Bunny Hugger with Posable Arms
Solar Easter Lily LED Flower Light


I hope you have enjoyed my roundup of favorite Easter ideas to add to your home too!

Do you have any Easter ideas to add to mine that you’d like to share with our community? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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