One Of The Fun Places For Kids In The South You Should Know About

Does an intimate, fully functioning farm and zoo with a laid back atmosphere to get up close and personal with miniature farm animals and exotic animals you’ve probably never seen before seem like fun places for kids?

Fun Places For Kids

Yes, please!  Special encounters that are available with wolves, wild cats, lemurs, kangaroos, otters, and more – oh my!

At this special family attraction hidden in the beautiful Georgia mountains, I watched with joy as my children and other families leisurely spent time with giant tortoises, baby camel, mini pigs, miniature donkeys, llamas, alpacas, adorable goats, miniature and rare breed sheep, doves, homing pigeons, silky chickens, rabbits, miniature cows, and parakeets – and that was just the beginning …..

Fun Places for Kids 2

Fun Places for Kids 3

The exciting Wildlife Walk allows you to experience an intimate stroll near the homes of a cougar, kangaroos, singing dingo dogs, fennec foxes, lemurs, deer, beavers, wolves, birds of prey, porcupines, monkeys, alligators, zebras, and more.

Before getting an up-close-and-personal time with the zebras, there is a special sit-down time to pet and become educated on special species of exotic animals like the hedgehog, armadillo, chinchilla, etc.

Fun Places for Kids 4

Fun Places for Kids 5

There are many packages at North Georgia Zoo that allow you to spend as little or as much time with the animals as possible.  The option is available to pick and choose extended special encounters with specific animals as well:  wolves, reptiles, monkeys, kangaroos, otters, etc.

Each visit can be unique because you can spend thirty minutes at the petting zoo only, or spend the entire day with a customized schedule of events.  Become part of a wolf pack, bottle feed babies, hug a python, or ride the ponies – the possibilities are endless.

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