Visiting EVERY Coastal Georgia County, Beach, & Lighthouse, Oh My!

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I’m announcing my quest to visit EVERY Coastal Georgia county, beach, & lighthouse. Yep, I’ve created a list of every Coastal Georgia town, island, and waterfront community – and guess what? I’m going to visit every single one! Places like Historic Savannah Georgia, Sapelo Island Lighthouse, Fort King George, and an island where wild horses roam along the seashore! Of course, I’ll be sharing the insider secrets and “best of” guides of what to see, eat and do, and the quirky roadside attractions along the Atlantic Coast!

Savannah Forsyth Park Fountain surrounded by black fence and covered by a canopy of trees
Savannah Georgia’s Forsyth Park Fountain


Did you check out “the list?”

I’ve divided up the Ultimate Coastal Georgia road trip Georgia – county by county. Because there are six Georgia counties along the coast, each with its own unique places to see and fun things to do, I want to do a deep dive into each one.

I’ll share photographs, videos, and stories for each Georgia Coast town or major attraction along the way. Historic places, family-friendly attractions and activities, as well as food and lodging choices.

When I’ve finished exploring each of the Georgia counties, I’ll create a detailed article for each one!

For instance, our travel quest will begin at the north end of Coastal Georgia in the county of Chatham (Savannah, Tybee Island, etc). I’ll share via blog posts, Insta, and YouTube about the most incredible spots in each county.

When my time in Chatham County is complete, I’ll write a blog post about what not to miss as you travel through this area on a day trip or for a longer family getaway trip.

Then I’ll move on to the next southbound county on the road trip!


My goal is also to answer the burning questions about this southern region.

  • What is Coastal Georgia?
  • What cities are in coastal Georgia?
  • Is Savannah Georgia a coastal town?
  • What is the nicest beach in Georgia?
  • How far is Tybee Island to Savannah?
  • Can you drive to all of the islands of Georgia?
  • Are there alligators on Jekyll Island?
  • Does St Simons Island have a lighthouse?
  • Can you spend the night on Sapelo Island?
  • Is there a National Park in the state of Georgia?

I’ll be answering these questions and more.

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If you’ve been around this blog, IG, or YouTube at all, you know we’ve become quite the experts of family vacations in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.

So why not dig into an ultimate bucket list trip to cover cool areas on road trips of these states.

To start us off, Georgia is on our mind.

Although we’ve visited several places along the Georgia Coast, there are islands, beaches, and lighthouses left to see.

I’ve learned many insider secrets and travel hacks to help families get the most out of each vacation destination I’ve covered in the south.

And I love helping women be their very own travel-planning Superheroes!

Plus, there isn’t ANY resource online that covers this entire area in the way that it should be done.


I’ll add which Coastal Georgia towns, islands, beaches, and attractions here as we discover them.





‘Rona still has us very cautious but she can’t keep us down!

We are staying at home as much as possible, but these days, road trips to new destinations with outdoor activities and restaurants with outdoor dining options are a fabulous way to get out to explore and enjoy the fresh air.

I could be wrong, but this new approach to traveling may be the way family travel works for a while – or permanently.

We’ve been trying to wait this virus thing out, but since it doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon, we may as well figure out how to explore places where opportunities to be outdoors and away from others is easy.

I’ll see you on the road, friend!


Black and white stripped Tybee Island Lighthouse and house with pink flowers in forefront and trees in background

Which Georgia County are you most excited to learn more about from my Coastal Georgia road trip?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!


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