Best Georgia Travel Guide For Carefree Family Vacations

Come experience wonderful Georgia travel in my favorite southeastern U.S. state! Why is it my favorite? I’m a bit partial since it’s my home state. Other reasons are because of its beauty, history, and southern charm. You can discover secluded beaches, maritime forests, AND mountains. It’s home to the Georgia Aquarium and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. And also home to 50 gorgeous Georgia State Parks. Historic Savannah, the “Little Grand Canyon,” natural hot springs, the AT Mountains, and The Masters Golf Tournament also claim it. You’ll experience family vacations in the heart of hospitality, sweet tea, shrimp and grits, and you’ll never want to leave!

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Georgia is my beautiful home state and will always be my favorite! It’s a fantastic destination for family travel because the people are dripping with the desire to bless you with southern hospitality, good food, and all that the peach state has to offer.

There are articles on many destinations in Georgia on this site. We particularly have enjoyed traveling with kids through the following cities. Click on the links below to read our travel guides to each of these destinations:

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I’ll meet you in Georgia!

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