Happy Fall, Y’all from The How-to Guru – 2013 Edition

Don’t you just adore this time of year? It makes me so happy that I want to tell everyone I see, Happy Fall, Y’all!  I believe that people love this time of year not only for the cooler, crisp days and the sound of crunchy leaves under our feet as we stroll through outdoor places, I think it’s so much more than that.  As you know, I love to motivate busy women.  Here are my reasons:

Happy Fall, Y'all pumpkins in a wagon

  • Orange is such a happy color
  • fall fashion is so much more fun
  • an excuse to cozy up to a flickering fireplace
  • it’s a time to relax and take a breather in front of those fireplaces
  • the yummy smells that autumn’s baked goods and warm beverages bring
  • watching fall football on the tube with football party food are the very best
  • the silly spookiness that Halloween brings to those who love to be spooked

I think it’s obvious that it’s my favorite season of the year these days. I mean, what’s not to love?!  It’s just fun!

Visiting the College Kiddo

Although we don’t get to see our oldest as much as we would like, it is a joy to visit him and his gorgeous surroundings.  I’m straight-up jealous, especially this time of year.  Even though I’m terrified of heights, I still love to visit the North Georgia mountains in the fall.  It makes me want to say, “Happy Fall, Y’all” to everyone I see.

Awesome views of the Georgia Mountains
North Georgia Tubing
North Georgia Shopping in Dahlonega, Georgia


Love these little roadside places


Hansel & Gretel = yummy treats!


My Heart!

Busy School Days

Since the new school year started, our days are breezing by very quickly and going quite well.   Princess has a full load of cool subjects including Greek, Physical Science, Spanish, Ancient Bible/World History, and Music to go along with Reading, Writing, and Math & P.E.

Tower of Babel

Alongside her buds (in two different) Co-Op classes, she has American Sign Language, Journalism, 4-H, Bible Study, and Careers Class to name a few.  She also stays busy with the Chess Team, Youth Drama Team, Youth Choir, Violin Lessons, and a cooking/decorating group at church

American Sign Language Clas

Career Day at the Hospital


Dessert Time for Women’s Ministry Event

It’s Huntin’ Season

Superman and Princess are spending a lot of time in the woods to make memories and to ensure that we can fill up that freezer with venison.  We are well on the way of getting enough meat for the winter.  Hallelujah!

Tell me in the comments what makes you want to say Happy Fall, Y’all!

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