Morning Person? 7 Hacks To Make You A Happy One

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Ahhh, mornings. Gotta love ’em. Thank goodness for that beloved snooze button, huh? I hear ya. I’m not what you’d call a morning person but rather a self-proclaimed night owl myself. It’s when I come alive. It’s my jam.

But, I’m breaking up with my late-night soirees of solitude. I need to spend more time with the hubs {who is not a night owl} and I know without a doubt that staying up affects my health and productivity in a negative way. It’s simply not worth it. And you know what?  Unbelievably, I’ve never been healthier and happier!

Morning Person

Yep, I’ve been easing into this idea of being a healthy and happy morning person for a while and researching to help me find the facts about this old habit o’ mine.  So what’s a girl to do? “Go your fanny to bed, that’s what.” people would say.  But for some, it’s not quite that easy, is it?  Maybe you have a hard time unwinding or you’ve stayed up late for years and can’t imagine hitting the hay sooner.

I’m not really asking you to.

I just want you to look at all sorts of habits throughout the day, right before bed, and throughout the night so that we can help you and me become a better morning person {not just to feel good but to bless our people!}.  Believe me when I tell you — You can do this. You can make good sleep a priority. If I can {someone who used to stay up for 24-48 intervals at a time in the old days}, anyone can.

You can trick {train is probably a more accurate word, but I feel like I’m being sneaky here – work with me} your body into becoming more of a morning person. It just takes time, clear intention, and especially ….. consistency. I’ll confess that this is still a work in progress for me {like how I’ve stayed up later to finish this article}, but I can tell a huge difference in how I feel each morning and it feels GOOOD.

7 hacks I’ve learned to become the morning person that you wanna be:

1. Set a bedtime routine and be a Nazi about it.  For optimum health, our bodies excel with rhythm and routine. Don’t let anything short of a crisis get between you and your bedtime. Also, try your best to get up at the same time every day. Yes, even on Saturday!

2. Unwind. Think about those times that you drift off when you didn’t want to, what were you doing? Reading or watching tv while lying in bed? What really relaxes you? Give yourself one hour to chill out before drifting into la-la land. That means no electronics, food, or drink. Dim the lights or use a lamp.

 3.  Bow to sleep cycles.  So here’s the short version. Your body basically has about 5 sleep cycles while you sleep {you’ve heard of REM, I’m sure}. If you wake up in-between a cycle, you’re good. If you wake up during a cycle, that could be bad, groggy news. First, you can make sure you wake up at the right time by using the sleepytime bedtime calculator. You can also check your sleep patterns by using the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App.

 4.  White noise, perfect temps, and darkness are great tools.  There are documented studies that show how much healthier it is for you to skip the “blue” light at nighttime of television and electronics. So get it dark in your room, Sister. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature helps with good sleep, and how about some distraction-free snoozing with rain or white noise? {I’d love to review a white noise machine!}.

 5. Give the snooze button the boot. If you are relying on that snooze button, guess what?  You need to get more sleep or you aren’t waking up during the correct sleep cycle. Simply check the sleepytime calculator before bed and then set your phone’s alarm to a different sound. Did you know you could actually set the sound of your phone alarm to something not so annoying? It could actually be an inspirational song favorite {like good morning by mandisa}  This alone is guaranteed to turn the grump rate way down.

6. Start with a hearty breakfast to look forward to.  I realize that you don’t have tons of time in the morning and believe me, I do not like to cook breakfast during the week! Ahead of time, prepare one or two breakfast units for the week and chunk them in the freezer like the perfect oatmeal bar or egg omelet muffins.  No protein-rich breakfast you can grab?  Enjoy some oatmeal with a tiny bit of milk and chopped bananas.

Morning Person

7.  Start the day with a Sword & a Shield. I believe it’s so powerful when you can begin a day armed with the sword of God’s Holy and inspiring word. Just read a few verses or a devotional entry while you eat your breakfast.  Even better, why don’t you do some old-school calisthenics {you know, jumping jacks, toe touches, etc} or walking while you are listening to scripture or some inspiring tunes? Start with just 10 minutes, honey!

I’m learning to consistently work these seven hacks into my life, but I can already tell enough positive difference that I will keep keeping on in order to finish well.  How about you, friend….. Will you join me?

 Question: Which morning person hacks do you plan to improve?

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  1. Bonnie Lyn Smith
    February 4, 2016 / 3:23 pm

    Love this!!!!!! Really really love it!

    • Shan
      February 4, 2016 / 3:26 pm

      Thank you Bonnie! It has made a HUGE impact on my health and how I feel daily to try to just go to bed. 😉 I’m a night owl for sure but love that extra time with the hubs too.

  2. Mary Hill
    February 4, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    I like the idea of setting my alarm to something more inspirational rather than hitting the snooze button. I also need to focus on reading the Word more in the morning. Really simple, but practical tips. Thank you.

    • Shan
      February 6, 2016 / 8:32 am

      I LIKE simple. Thanks Mary!


  3. Starla
    February 6, 2016 / 11:30 pm

    Smoothie link not working?

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