Minimal March Challenge Week #1 Family Room Results

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Hello, Your Quirkiness.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  Before we start week #2 of the Minimal March Challenge this coming Monday, I wanted to show you my results of Family Room clutter bustin’ and organization.  If you remember, my room was a wreck midway through:


My room is very small and honestly not the most clutter-y room in my house so don’t feel defeated if yours is/was worse.  Believe me, there are other places in my home that would make you cringe.  In case you missed it, here’s the video I shot before getting started:

We’re gonna spend time later on how to cozy up your family room with special and unique thangs but for now, we are just making sure it’s clutter-free. That’s our main objective right now to lower the Quirky Mama stress and bless that sweet family of yours.  

I was able to pare down several videos {which you’ll see in the middle drawer} and I completely eliminated all the junk that was in the top and bottom drawers.  Until I can find a super-cheap chest that I dream of,  I’m going to store our cover in the bottom, ultra-deep drawer.  The top drawer holds Superman’s collection of State Patrol Cars.  😉

organized armoire

I went junkin’ today to look for the perfect vintage magazine holder to place by our side table but was unsuccessful.  I found one I sort of like but it was $30.  I’m too frugal for that.  😉 So until then, I will paint an old basket I have for magazines and such.

week#1 family room results

organized couch


Homemaker Motivation

Confession:  Up to this point I have not been confident in my organizational or decorating skills.   For me, I feel like the first one affects the second one.  

When a room is chaotic, I can’t move past it and decorate it.   I get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and I end up doing absolutely nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.  

Not anymore.

The #minimalmarchchallenge has already helped me tremendously by only working on one room at a time and having plenty of time to do it.  Plus, having a community of wonderful women doing the same.  

Now that my family room has taken shape, I’m completely energized to get it decorated and cozy.  I keep thinking about the Proverbs 31 woman’s diligence to work hard with Joy which is what this whole challenge {and pretty much my whole site} is about.

proverbs 31

I hope you have been encouraged and motivated to do the same.  Be sure to show some before and/or afters to THTG Facebook page to encourage others.  I sure do appreciate it.  

Talk to me…..


What was your biggest struggle in completing your Family Room results?


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    • Shan
      March 16, 2015 / 9:36 pm

      Yay Kathryn! You can do it. It’s manageable baby steps we’ll do together! 🙂

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