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I promised you some How-to Monthly fun for October – snippets of our Southern life, my favorite How-tos, fashion pieces, entertainment, beauty tools, with encouragement thrown in for good measure. Boots, oh how I love fall boots.  Wait, what was I saying?   Oh yeah, it’s October and I’m excited to do the How-To Monthly all again.  Let’s get started, shall we?!

october's favorite how to

Southern Life

Unless you’ve been under a rock lately, you know that the wedding happened recently between our Captain and E.  You’ve probably heard bits and pieces about our rain-soaked-so-we-had-to-pack-light, reception food-hauling, creek raiding, pampering, stranded-without-our-vehicle, broke-down-on-the-way-home, comical trip.

You see, the wedding was six hours from us and we had to get ourselves, our formal wedding clothes, and the pre-made reception food all the way to North Georgia without incident. Not too big of a deal, right? Except that the night before we left, Superman informs me that since we have to drive the truck {so he can haul the huge coolers of reception food in the bed of the truck} and it is supposed to RAIN when we head out, all of our luggage and formal wedding clothes have to fit inside the truck on one side of the backseat.


Princess and I literally had to cut out one suitcase a piece for everything to fit. Did I mention that we were staying for at least four days and not sure what the weather would really be like?   Super-huge coolers and random items covered in black trash bags, luggage and hanging clothes crammed to the brim, yep, we looked like Beverly Hillbillies comin’ to town.


Yep, it rained on us as we began our journey alright.  All of about an hour.  That’s it.  No more rain after that for the entire trip.  Grrr.  It’s OK though because soon I was in one of my absolute favorite places to be…those North Georgia mountains.  We’d rise early every morning and hit the pavement to get a run in while checking out our surroundings.  We were having such a good time that we thought we could throw in a super-quick creek raid before having to do our all-important day-before-the-wedding duties but literally got caught standing in the creek when the bride-to-be called and said, “Come on, let’s get the last minute stuff done.”

“OK, here we’ll head that way shortly,” I said as I stood barefoot with Superman and Princess in a Helen, Georgia creek.  Oh, only us.  I love our spontaneity.  Well, I love my husband and daughter’s spontaneity.  They pull me out of my introverted self!  Anyhoo, we high-tailed it back to civilization and went to help.  E wanted us girls to join the other bridesmaids and herself for some pampering time so we girls parted from Superman and Captain so they could get some groomsmen stuff done.  As the pampering was cranked up in the salon, I start getting texts that the guys were stranded – the truck had shut down.


God is good and a relative nearby {who just happens to work at a dealership} got our truck in the shop and gave us a loaner.  We ended up having time to spend time in Helen Georgia with our friends and family that made the long trek to wedding central.   😉 

To be continued …..

wedding week collage

Let’s get to those How-Tos.  Just know this— the wedding was perfect, sweet, and God-honoring.  I’m so proud of both of them starting their life together on a firm foundation.  

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October Favorite Thangs

Fall outfit #1:

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Fall outfit #3

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1 tim 2 5










TV Show: 


sausage dog in pjs










Inspiring Video:

Watch Singing Contractors.


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