Pork Chops Recipe: Best Low Carb + Keto Dinner + So Easy To Make!!!

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One of my favorite quick meals is this easy low carb baked pork chops recipe sure to knock the socks off of you and the family! How can a pork chops recipe be low carb, have incredible flavor and juiciness, only three ingredients, AND be in the healthy pork chops recipes category?! Not your typical pork chop recipe, my low carb coating, and quick cooking hacks will result in a flavor you won’t believe. Yes, please! You’ll please even the pickiest of eaters and keep the wallet happy as well.

Low Carb Pork Chop Recipes Roundup

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After many failed attempts of trying to make perfect pork chops that weren’t dry and overcooked, I was determined not to give up. After all, pork is such cheap meat, so I continued to experiment. I finally learned how to make the yummy southern version of breaded pork chops but soon was ready for a lighter, low carb pork chop recipe for the family to enjoy. It’s a good thing I’m stubborn because I finally figured it out and can’t wait to share it with you!

After sharing how to cook pork chops recently, I had to come up with yet another easy pork chops recipe because the hubs seems to have a slight crush on buying cheap pork at the store. Yep, if I ever ask Superman to stop at the store for one tiny item, he always comes home with an armload of pork and says, “They were on sale!”


So, be on the lookout for even more low carb baked pork chops recipes on the near horizon as well as a honey garlic pork chops recipe too since we can’t get enough of this inexpensive meat around here!

Believe me when I say that by the time we sit down to eat a meal with this recipe as the star of the show, everyone is pretty stuffed because they’ve been hovering around the stove, “taste testing” the pork chops as soon they come out of the oven. You can quickly pull this recipe off by baking it in an oven safe casserole dish or a cast iron skillet.

On to this awesome pork chops recipe that will soon be on quick menu planning rotation at your house too…

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These are the questions asked most about stove top pork chops or what I like to call a healthier version of low carb fried pork chops:

  • How do you keep pork chops from drying out?

If you follow the directions below and follow the liquid measurements and cook time, they should not dry out. When drying out happens, it’s because this leaner piece of meat is cooked too long.

  • How can you tell if pork chops are done?

If you are unsure, stick a meat thermometer in the center of the chop to make sure the temperature is at least 145 degrees and up to 165 degrees.

  • How do you tenderize pork chops?

For this recipe, tenderizing the pork chops is not a needed step!

  • Why are my pork chops always tough?

Because pork chops are such a lean cut of meat from the piglet, it tends to cook very quickly if you aren’t careful. If you following the timing of the recipe below, you should not have tough and dry meat. That’s why I’m so excited about this meal because it’s so juicy!


The ingredients and instructions for a printable recipe card are below but here’s the basic idea ->>>

  1. Preheat the oven.
  2. Dip the pork chops in melted butter.
  3. Mash chops into Parmesan cheese/spices mixture.
  4. Place in cookware and then into the preheated oven.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes.
  6. Crank up the heat to add a little crispiness to the edges for the last five minutes.  I don’t do soggy!

Again, refer to the printable recipe card below for exact instructions and times.


I’m cheating a little when I say that there are only 3 ingredients to add to the pork chops. There’s melted butter, grated Parmesan cheese, and spices.  I’m counting spices as one ingredient because this is where you can add a little variety to the flavors. In this original recipe, I used garlic powder, pepper, and a little salt. Feel free to experiment with your favorite spices like adding a little cayenne to give it a little kick now and then!

4 boneless pork chops per time

3 Tablespoons melted butter

1/4 Cup grated Parmesan Cheese

2 dashes each of salt, pepper, and garlic powder


Here’s your printable Easy Pork Chops Recipe Card:

Pork Chops Recipe: Easy + Cheap + Low Carb + 3 Ingredients!
Here’s your printable Easy Pork Chop Recipe Card:
  • Pork Chops ( I use 4-7 at a time)
  • 3 Tablespoons Melted Butter
  • 1/4 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • Various Spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder)
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Melt butter and keep warm in a large bowl.
  3. Combine Parmesan and spices in a large bowl.
  4. Dip pork chops into the butter mixture and then into a bowl containing the Parmesan & spice mixture and coat thoroughly.
  5. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the chops.
  6. Remove dish carefully and pour off excess juices (you can leave a little).
  7. Cook on 400 degrees for 5 minutes till golden brown.


This recipe can use an oven-safe casserole dish or cast-iron skillet for the oven.

My favorite Pioneer Woman Casserole Dish

If you don’t already own a large, 12-inch cast-iron skillet, I can’t stress enough what an invaluable cooking hack this tool is to me in the kitchen. It’s the perfect size to fit individual meats or full meals that are cooked on the stovetop OR put it the oven. This one even comes with a silicone hot handle holder to protect your hands from this hot pan that has been in oven temps up to 450° F! Mine didn’t come with an awesome handle like this!

The Perfect Cast Iron Skillet!
watch easy oven baked pork chops video





Granted, the images here can’t express how delicious and juicy these pork chops are. They aren’t the most photogenic either so you’ll have to trust me!

I kept hearing about a Parmesan-crusted pork chop recipe all around the web but this traditional method had too many carbs and complicated steps for me. I must have easy. Score one for Mom!

I hope this baked pork chops tutorial was helpful and allows you to do something else besides standing in the kitchen for far too long. Let me know what you think!

Have you tried this low carb pork chops recipe yet?

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  1. Harmony, Momma To Go
    April 26, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    My daughter might like this! I love three ingredients plus ready in the oven!

  2. Jordan
    October 11, 2018 / 8:37 am

    Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing this! My husband and I have been searching for new ways to cook pork chops. We have both been going low carb for a few months and it’s easy to lose steam when you keep eating the same things over and over again. This looks wonderful!

    • Shan
      October 11, 2018 / 12:03 pm

      I hear you, Jordan! So glad it’s excited you for something new. Let me know what you think!

      much love,

      • Lisa Garcia
        November 15, 2020 / 12:07 pm

        How much of the spices do you use in your recipe? What was your measurements of the salt , pepper, and garlic powder?

        • Shan
          November 16, 2020 / 9:43 pm

          Hey there, Lisa. A “dash” in my kitchen is about 1/8 of a teaspoon. So I put two “dashes” of each spice which equates to about 1/4 teaspoon each of salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Definitely try this out and adjust to your tastebuds. I always cut a sliver of the first pork chop when it is finished. If more salt is needed, I add while chops are warm. Hope this helps!

          much love,

  3. candy
    October 11, 2018 / 9:05 am

    There is nothing like a great pork chop and my family loves them. What a simple recipe to use and enjoy.

    • Shan
      October 11, 2018 / 12:02 pm

      Thanks! Means a lot coming from you, Candy! 😉

      much love,

  4. Carli
    October 11, 2018 / 10:17 am

    That looks delicious. I wish my husband would eat pork chops. I cook them a lot when I go to see my Papaw. He likes them.

  5. Colleen
    October 11, 2018 / 11:24 am

    I will be trying these for sure. I love anything with parmesan cheese. Plus, they are quick which is needed on school nights.

    • Shan
      October 11, 2018 / 12:00 pm

      Amen to both of those, Colleen! 😉

      much love,

  6. Gina
    October 11, 2018 / 1:39 pm

    I also love a good pork chop! Thanks for the recipe. I can’t wait to try it!

  7. Neely Moldovan
    October 11, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    Thank you so much for this. We are so bored with our current meal plans!

  8. Jasmine
    October 11, 2018 / 10:14 pm

    I love a good pork recipe! Gotta try this

    • Shan
      October 11, 2018 / 11:20 pm

      Yay, Jasmine! Thanks so much.

      much love,

  9. Erin Haugerud
    October 11, 2018 / 10:19 pm

    I’m yum!! I’m so trying this!!

  10. Bailey
    October 12, 2018 / 7:59 am

    This looks so yummy! My mom always made these growing up. Delicious!

    • Shan
      October 12, 2018 / 9:02 am

      Aw, that’s awesome, Bailey. I’ve been known to be VERY old-fashioned. 😉

      much love,

  11. Yolanda
    October 12, 2018 / 9:00 am

    This looks good and I know my family would love it! I typically make my pork chops the same way -just grilled with herbs, however, I like to switch things up so I’m definitely going to try this. Yum!

    • Shan
      October 12, 2018 / 9:01 am

      Sounds good, Yolanda. Let me know what you think! 😉

      much love,

  12. Marya
    October 12, 2018 / 10:33 am

    I follow the SCD protocol & LOVE easy dinner ideas like this!

  13. Cayla Embry
    October 12, 2018 / 3:04 pm

    My husband and I love pork chops, but don’t typically eat them often. I will definitely need to use this recipe and surprise him next week!

  14. Sharon White
    January 25, 2020 / 7:21 pm

    I made this recipe and was wowed! Easy and wonderful…my husband loved it! Saving it to my Food Favorites!

    • Shan
      January 25, 2020 / 9:12 pm

      Sharon, that literally makes my week! Thanks so much for letting me know that. Yay!


  15. Dee
    November 15, 2020 / 8:54 am

    Can this recipe be modified to make only1 chop at a time? If so what are your suggestions! Thank you!!

    • Shan
      November 16, 2020 / 9:49 pm

      I’ve never tried that but if I did, I would use one Tablespoon of butter, 1/16 of parmesan, and cut about 1/8 teaspoon of each seasoning. You can always add salt when finished cooking the chops while warm. I would use my small casserole dish that’s the size of a loaf pan and check the chop at 12 minutes for doneness. I’d check with a meat thermometer to make sure it’s at least 140 degrees. Then I’d turn on a low broil and brown the top for a couple of minutes. Don’t walk away – it will happen fast. Hope this is helpful, Dee! Thanks for your question!

      much love,

  16. Terri Howser
    November 18, 2020 / 6:54 pm

    Wonderful absolutely delicious. How many total carbs not net are in one porkchop. Maybe I overlooked it.

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