Summer Health Journal #5 + Super Easy 10 Minute Workouts

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Friend, I just completed several free, super-easy, 10 minute workouts with Mamas in mind that are short on time, money, and energy.

I know how hard it is just to get started movin’ that bod for the first time in a long while. I get very bored with monotonous routines like you do, so I’m always searching for the most time effective ways to burn those calories for us.


 If you ‘ve been keeping up with the Summer Health Journals, you can add this to your arsenal of ideas, you can start with week #1, or you can jump in right now, honey. Remember you can add your victories on The How to Guru Facebook page or tag @thehowtoguru on Instagram and we can cheer each other on.

Let’s have a refresher of how far we have come with our baby steps, shall we?


Summer Health Journals

Week #1 – Drink water, get moving, & get sleep

Week #2 – Continue the preceding and add fruit to ya life

Week #3 – Continue the preceding and add veggies at lunch and dinner

Week #4 – Continue the preceding and add complex carbs once a day


Health Journal Results 

This past week, I’ve got the pep back into my step after the lag of last week due to hormones. I noticed an almost “craving” that my body has had the last few days for exercise. Sounds wonky I know but our bodies are amazing machines that respond well when we take care of them.

Yesterday began week five and I never did get around to exercising until I glanced at my watch and realized how late it was. I jumped up and decided to take a quick walk/jog even though I only had about thirty minutes left of daylight. I would normally only move this bod every other day or every two days, but today I wanted to exercise.  


10 minute workouts

I’m not sure where you are with your health goals, but I hope I’ve already encouraged you to just get started and keep going. No matter how slowly  you go, as long as you are improving, you are moving forward.

The same goes with your fitness goals.

I think you will enjoy these 10 minute workouts that are low-intensity and don’t require any equipment. If you are not a beginner in fitness, you can do like I did and crank up the intensity several notches and add speed to your movements. You can do one, two, or three of these different workouts simultaneously or you can divide them up throughout the day. 

Below are a few of my favorite 10 minute workouts that you can play on youtube for free. They are ready to go quickly so you are able to decide to exercise on a whim. Remember, just do something!

Ready. Set. Go.



This week’s inspiring scripture is:

We have God-given strength built right in. Did you know that? We have spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for our God-given tasks — but  only if we open those gifts and truly use them.

You can do this. It’s worth it. Just give me ten minutes, a few times a week, and you’ll be on the road feeling like a new woman.

Just an FYI: in preparation for next week where I plan to step it up a notch and continue with our Summer Health plan week #6, I will be adding in the best fiber drink that I’ve found make huge differences for me in the past. Don’t worry, this one is flavorless or you can get peach. It’s yummy to me, actually. I’ll explain why this nutrient is important to add in and give you the schedule that I plan to follow if you want to join me.


How many 10 minute workouts will You be doing this week with me?


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