Summer, Oh Glorious Summer

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It’s summer…glorious summer, Y’all!

I am trying my best to get projects accomplished on my long to-do list but to also be flexible enough to carve out enjoyable time with my family. That’s what summer is all about, right?

Glorious Summer Memorable 7 Blessings:

  1. It’s sweet summertime and I’m trying to use my spare time to purge clean out, organize what’s left and re-purpose some old furniture.  After bringing all the extra furniture and whatnots back from our several-month stay in Charleston.
  2. I’m happy spending lots of time in the kitchen with our baby steps to a healthier living quest where I’m adding yummy dishes to our healthy meals list.  I conquered a new recipe this past week {homemade chicken enchiladas w/whole wheat tortillas} and made several homemade staples.
  3. Having fun keeping my Princess occupied with intentional activities so our summer doesn’t slip away…chores, bible devo together, games, crafts, fellowship with friends, blessing others and lots of reading the classics.
  4. We are making an intentional effort to spend time with special families this summer.  In the past, I would let all types of excuses hold me back.  We’ve already enjoyed being invited to Sunday lunch with two amazing families and been a part of several play dates with fun friends.
  5. Princess and I have spent lots of time outdoors tending to her germinating vegetable seeds and to my roses.  We may turn out to be true, Southern Women Gardeners, after all.
  6. Besides his monthly training commitment, Captain has to serve two weeks of each summer at a military base nearby. We’ve been able to spend small snippets of time with him and we’ll take every single minute we can.
  7. It’s hard to explain but I felt God’s hand over our family the entire Father’s Day weekend.  On Saturday, we traveled to take my Father-in-Love out to eat.  It was a special time.


Sunday, Captain was able to stick around to be with his Dad for Father’s Day so we had the privilege of going to our home church together for the first time in a long while.  The Father’s Day message was fantastic and the worship music was over-the-top.  Sooo blessed with this glorious summer.

Current Bookshelf

Superman is reading Lead Your Family Like Jesus: Powerful Parenting Principles from the Creator of Families.  This is a masterpiece by one of my favorite authors {and 2 additional authors}, Tricia Goyer.  I was privileged to serve on Tricia’s Launch Team for this book and received the book from Tyndale House Publishers for that purpose.  It’s Amazing.

The captain is reading a book that Tyndale House Publishers sent me to review.  I can’t write a review {and it won’t be for sale} until July but it will be worth waiting for.  All I can tell you is that every young man you know needs to read it. “Where Chivalry is redefined & the discovery of a personal code of honor can be found in an unjust world.”

I’m reading the classic, Pride and Prejudice (Great Illustrated Classics) by Jane Austen to my girl.  I can’t say enough about this set of books called Great Illustrated Classics.  We have several and they are amazing!  She and I recently watched the movie, Emma, and she fell in love with the era of European life in the 1800s, just like me.  

Did I mention how much I love my life?

I’d love to hear how your family is spending the glorious summer?


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