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For this How-to Weekly Edition Shindig, cue the confetti, honey.  




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The Last How-to Weekly





We all know what a pain it is to clean silver the conventional way.  Here’s how to clean silver without touching it much.










It’s warm weather season and you may have noticed the onslaught of ants.  Here are  5 ways to get rid of ants frugally and naturally.  {Two of my favorite words}










Need a new, scrumptious dessert that just happens to also NOT have the most common food allergens like wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, and peanuts?  Here’s how to make amazing S’mores Sandwich cookies without baking.










Been curious about the green smoothies everyone is gabbing about?  Here’s how to add simple green smoothies to your crazy life.


Be the heroine of your own story


Discontent lately?  How about an interesting pep talk about how to be the heroine of your own story!








Although it’s not officially summer just yet, it’s warm as blue blazes around here in the South.  {What are blue blazes, anyway? Just wondering}.  

Princess recently had her first piano recital recently and it was a huge success.  We are so excited about her progress in just one year.  This isn’t her first instrument – she took violin lessons for a year with a wonderful teacher, but there was not a recital.   She did a great job of putting her nervousness to the side to perform in front of her first big audience to the best of her ability.  

Love it.



So you know that Captain is tying the knot this fall, right?  It was time to take a trip to see them and do lots of fun wedding stuff while celebrating the Memorial Day weekend with them.  As far as wedding stuff goes, they showed us the gorgeous outdoor venue they chose, we met more of E’s family and got Superman and Captain fitted for tuxedos. 

This is happening.

blake and vest

While there, I saw the best display of Memorial Day tribute that I’ve ever seen — individual crosses holding flags of fallen soldiers by name and what war they were lost in.  I had to write my tribute to these heroes {via hotel room}.



As we approached Atlanta on the way home, traffic wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be for the Memorial Day, so Superman decided that we should show Princess the Downtown Atlanta area.

I didn’t realize she’d not spent time there except touring the Capitol, so off we were.  You can betcha I’ve got a future Southern Travel article coming about visiting Downtown Atlanta, but until then, here are a couple shots:


2015-05-25 11.56.38

I hope each “How-to” and humor has encouraged you.  I leave you, as always, with my favorite video of the week — I’m sorry, but this one cracked me up and brought a big smile to my face. Hope it does the same for you. 😉


Can’t view?  Watch Old Men Grooving!

I would love to hear what your week has been like?



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