Winter Decor: How To Create Cozy After Christmas Is Gone & You’re Broke

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The dream of creating cozy winter decor on a budget throughout our home is the only thing that’s saving my soul this week as I continue to remove Christmas decorations.  As usual, I went a little overboard creating a Christmas wonderland inside and outside our home and taking it all down only adds to the feeling of bare nakedness around here.  Even though most of us are glad to have a clean slate without the Christmas decor, we miss that cozy feeling.  I’m thrilled to show you how I’m using affordable winter home decorations to create a winter haven we can’t wait to come home to.

view of cozy winter decor in a living room with couch, rug, cover, laptop


To me, cozy winter decor means a mixture of differently-textured winter white and cream fabrics, variety of wood and greenery accents, lots of twinkle lights, icy silver touches, and a tiny bit of dark gray and/or black pieces to ground everything. Kind of sounds like a snowy winter forest, doesn’t it.  Yep, that’s pretty much the look I’m going for this year.

Outdoor winter decor can follow suit with the non Christmas winter decorations I described above and can be very minimal in design.  I’m one for clean lines even outdoors so that our yard doesn’t appear a little too junky.  A beautiful winter porch can be transformed with just a few simple touches.


It’s amazing what the addition of a cozy blankets, lights, and nature can add to a room during the dull winter months.  The idea is to keep layering all these different textures until you are in love with the level of coziness.

  • non Christmas winter decorations
  • cozy textured blankets and pillows
  • lots of soft twinkly and flickering lights
  • all the white & green nature pieces


The first step of cozy decorating in the winter months on a budget is to dig through the decor you already own to see if you have a few items that scream “winter” instead of holiday that you may not have considered.  A perfect example is this winter white wreath that is flocked but doesn’t evoke a Christmas feel.

Not only do winter white wreaths look striking when placed on the front door, a flocked snow wreath will look great indoors as part of winter wall decor to go along with a vignette cluster.  I’m obsessed with this one…

view of white winter decor wreath with twinkly lights
snow wreath


Blankets and pillows are a classic way to change up the decor during any season without spending much money.  You have to look carefully as some can get pricey, but there are plenty budget ones to be found in practically every store containing home decor.

check out the low price on this white throw


Ah, one of my favorite things to add to the home that makes me oh so happy… twinkling and flickering soft light sources.  There’s nothing like walking into a room with flickering candles to take your stress levels down several levels almost immediately.  I’ll be adding candles or remote controlled lights to the living, office and bedrooms this winter and I suggest the same for you.

These flame-less tealight candles are my newest purchase to discreetly place all over the house.  I love them because they look more like mini pillars instead of typically tealights.  They are bright white, super cute, and I got a dozen for under $7.  If you want small pillar set, I would suggest THESE.

my favorite tea light candles


Bringing in elements from the outdoors really creates a sense of calm and coziness that’s hard to find elsewhere.  White birch wood mixed with darker toned pieces are easy to find this season in many of the stores.

natural decor birch branches


  1. How can I make my house more cozy in the winter?  blah blah blah
  2. How do you make a small living room cozy?  The great thing about having a small room to decorate is that it won’t take much to create a cozy feel.  Literally just adding one thick winter throw, some twinkle lights, and one other winter decor statement piece will work wonders.
  3. How do I make my family room cozy?  To begin, read the answer to #2 and then stand back and look at your room.  If it’s larger, look for one spot at a time that could use filling up.  Do you have a corner that needs some height?  Add a twinkle light tree.  Have a small space that could use a dark basket full of blankets or books?  Think in terms of laying piece by piece until it’s as cozy as you want it!


One last tip for creating a cozy winter home is to check out the sales that Wayfair is offering right now.  There are some incredible deals to meet the needs of every home. I hope this helps you to be a little less overwhelmed when trying to implement a warm environment. Have fun!

Do you have any cozy winter decor tips you’d like to add? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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