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Our family showcases the Best Places to Visit in Georgia or other incredible Southern places that I know Mamas would want to know about like insider information for quick getaways ideas and worry free vacations in Charleston South Carolina.







Our family was halfway living in Charleston several months back as Superman was working a particular job. We couldn’t get enough and we feel in love with the Holy City.

Not only is the city gorgeously charming, but there are so many unique and diverse things to do and eat. There is so much to show and tell you about this phenomenal city that it will take more than one of our Family Travel Tuesdays to fill you in on all its wonder.  This southern city is known for its jaw-dropping architecture so let’s start with the beautiful Charleston churches of the Holy City.


Why is Charleston called The Holy City?
It was very unheard of for any of the original colonies to allow so many protestant religions in one place. Charleston, however, was open to religious diversity and has allowed almost every denomination within its city streets.  Did you know that by the 1900s,  there was also the largest Jewish congregation in all of the United States?

These historic landmarks are gorgeous and very photo-worthy.  The unique and sometimes Gothic architecture of these churches catch me spellbound and I love photographing them, their iron gates, angel statues and historic graves.

historical Charleston Churches


charleston attractions

attractions in charleston sc


ghost tours charleston sc
Historic church tours in charleston sc









Want to see the photos of these historical Charleston churches and gravestones come to life and learn super-cool history about them?  Odd history, like how they used to have to “pay” for their church seats? 


Watch this video:

Can’t view?  Watch Charleston’s Historic Churches 


Alright, so I’ve convinced you to check out these gorgeous churches while in the Holy City but what is the best way?

You guessed it, a walking tour!

If you want to go on tours in Charleston SC, I suggest to first begin a self-guided tour of the most historical churches of downtown Charleston and their tombstones {and lots more landmarks}, I can’t stress how important to get a very important resource to ensure a worry free vacation…..

A hard copy small pamphlet/guide called The Charleston Walking Tour which usually runs about $5 and is mailed to you or in the Kindle version, Charleston South Carolina Walking Tour & Guidebook which usually runs around $3 and can be printed out whenever you choose.

By using this booklet, complete with a map, you can walk around as leisurely or quickly as you’d like to take anywhere from a couple hours to several days to tour this great, charming Southern city.

That’s my kind of worry free vacation!

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      Welcome to THTG and Thank You. I enjoy photography when we travel SO much.
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