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Hi, I’m the Guru, but you can call me Shan.  Thanks for your interest in how I provide solutions of Hope and Hacks for busy wives as a Travel Journalist, WifeLife motivator, & Beauty Ambassador.

While women are managing their (sometimes mundane) daily lives of a household and busy life, they are …


#1) Dreaming about their next fabulous family vacation where they can explore a new family-friendly destination with the ones they love

#2) Want beauty hacks & products that require minimal effort to look great

#3) Want to excel in the whole WifeLife scenario but need constant motivation because it’s a tough gig (refer back to #1)

That’s where The How-to Guru comes in …..

Beach Hunters



Family Travel

If you’re looking for more families to visit your destination, then look no further. 

The main focus of this site is sharing incredible and unique family vacation ideas and tips in the Southern U.S. with my readership.

I have worked with many top destinations and brands, and as a result, I’ve created a lot of excitement about resorts, hotels, attractions, restaurants, and travel products.  I’ve received lots of positive comments and travel advice requests for specific places.

Invite my family to experience your destination and I’ll tell the world about it. 

A sponsored press trip with me is the perfect way to increase your online visibility and exposure. My fabulous readers relate to our family-friendly experiences and picture themselves at the places we visit since they now have our insider tips.  I’ll showcase your destination with an engaging review, quality photography, and video. In addition, I’ll create buzz with natural social media posts during and after our visit (social media channels of your choice).



Do you have a fabulous product that busy women need to try or want to submit a beauty article?

I can no longer accept product for free reviews due to time constraints.  However if you have an amazing product that my readership would adore, send me a message in the form below and I’d be glad to consider future collaboration.  If you have a beauty article idea that you would like to submit and be featured here, send me a message in the form below.


Wife Motivation

Do you have a heart for motivating the overwhelmed wife who is doing her best to survive this crazy-awesome life?

I would love to hear about your motivational product to be featured here, or your blog article pitch that you would like to write for The How-to Guru.  Be sure to send me a message in the form below with your ideas.


How to work with me

If you have a fabulous property, product, or service that you think will fit my audience, my readership needs to know about it!  Let me spread the word.

  • Invite me to your Accommodation, Restaurant, Tour, or Attraction and let my audience view its best features through my eyes 
  • Let me write a sponsored post, article, or social shares to showcase what’s amazing about your product or service
  • You can advertise with your own piece of real estate on my website so that you can reach the readers you want

If we are a perfect fit, I’ll gush about the value you can bring (in detail) to my readers.  Women rely on my honest thoughts about vacation accommodations, family destinations, tours, beauty products, and help for wives to make their lives easier and a whole lot more fabulous.  You can read why I’m a qualified travel writer and beauty influencer over at All about the How-to Guru.

Contact me below to introduce yourself (and request a media kit if you need one).  Not sure exactly how we can partner together?  That’s OK, just drop me a line and I might surprise you with my ideas!

Read all about my disclaimer and terms HERE!


I look forward to hearing from you.




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