Welcome to our family-friendly southern travel blog! I’m a wife and mom nicknamed the How-to Guru by friends who noticed my passion for sharing family-friendly tips to southern destinations. They know I’ve helped scores of other women lose the overwhelm to actually book vacations where they enjoy the ones they love on incredible trips to Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.

view of The How-to Guru crew on Jekyll Island, Georgia beach


Founder of The How-to Guru and travel journalist for a southern print magazine, I’m also published in HuffPost, BrinaLynn, and many other publications.

Georgia born and raised, I’m the happiest when traveling or planning the next trip. It fuels me ~ hence the reason I’m a Travel Journalist. I’m fortunate to have traveled to Europe and all but 16 states in the U.S. Travel writing about the beautiful south is my favorite.

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#1, Get details, reviews, images, and videos for Georgia, Florida, and Carolina hotels, resorts, restaurants, and attractions. All these tiny details and reviews will help plan YOUR best family vacations in the South!

I enjoy writing in-depth articles and free travel resources and they are a big part of how women are taking charge to create worry-free + family-friendly vacations they desire. They are also losing the stress of post-vacay returns home.

The How-to Guru helps you

Save Time + Lose Stress + Bond with your Family

We can all be fabulous Guru Gals in home AND travel!

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The How-to Guru and family at son's wedding
The day Captain and E got married

I’m married to Superman ~ an intimidating Michael Chiklis look-alike with a commanding presence that makes everyone feel safe. His nickname suits him well since he always saves the day with quick decisions and get-it-done personality.

Our youngest is Princess ~ a prissy tomboy with an incredible servant’s heart, captivated by the ocean, fashion, country life, and animals who gained her nickname early for her love of girlie things. She’s got a caring heart of gold – evened out with lots of southern sass.

Our oldest is Captain ~ a fitness lover who loves travel, weapons, history, and whose nickname, Captain America, was penned by friends as he left for Army boot camp at 18-years-old. He found his bride in college and married the girl I have prayed for all of his life.

I’m a Mom-in-law to E ~ an adventure-seeking darling that fits right into our crazy. She’s a marketing genius that loves God, people, and animals. We can’t imagine how we survived without our “E!”


Choosy about who I work with, I’ve been blessed to collab with Walt Disney World, Jekyll Island Club, MarinelandHavana Cabana Key West, Theater of the Sea, to name a few. For collaboration information, click HERE.

I’m often asked about:

  • the best places to entertain older kids?
  • how do you manage an organized home?
  • the best attractions in the South for older kids?
  • the best Southern resorts within walking distance to food & attractions?
  • how do cook at home more when I don’t know where to start?
  • the best family trips in the South for the money?

I’m diligent to only share woman-to-woman truth and reviews of places and products.


Here are the most popular posts

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☀️ Insider travel secrets ☀️
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REAL LIFE travel tips
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You can find The How-to Guru on YouTube, Pinterest, or Ko-Fi. If I can encourage you in any way, please reach out to me at shan at thehowtoguru dot org


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