Guru Hacks for Wives!

Hallelu!  Guru Hacks for a Healthy Happy Home is complete.

I poured my heart out into the pages of this short handbook of hope for insanely-busy women that desire a life with less chaos (and more JOY) but aren’t sure how to begin.  It’s all about the passion I have for sharing all that I do here at The How-to Guru to help Wives get their mojo back!

My New Book

 Hope & Hacks for Happy Wives!

I know what you are thinking ….. you aren’t sure that you want to read something about WifeHood to make you feel more defeated than you already do, and who has time???  I purposely made it a simple and short read that would inspire you instead of give you more to do.

Here’s what one wife had to say …..

“You have spoken to my heart.  I read a book that was recommended to me when I first got married and it was too much information and too many dos and don’ts.  It left me overwhelmed and embarrassed.  Your book is the.  Total.  Opposite.  So helpful, soothing, open to all, and ENCOURAGING, not demeaning.  I.  Love.  It.”     Katie B.

Here’s an excerpt from the handbook …..

You know that you are blessed.

BUT — you feel guilty about how your days are going lately. Days filled with chaos, mixed with a little grouchy, a whole lot of boredom, and a big bucket o’ comparison.

This is not how I thought things were going to be, you find yourself thinking often.  Then you feel guilty about your thoughts because you do have so many blessings.  So why can’t the day-to-day be more blissful?

I hear ya. 

I was there myself not so long ago, longing to just get a handle on the chaos of my life. I was exhausted and feeling like a Big. Fat. Failure.

You and I both know that we aren’t promised a perfect life but shouldn’t we feel more joy, more order, more love toward our husbands instead of the constant crankiness, boredom, and chaotic feelings?  Not to mention how we feel when we think about that annoyingly perfect Proverbs 31 woman.


Before we even get started with the first hack, we have to get one thing out in the open …

That’s all of the excerpt that you get, my friend.

The best part is that my book contains pretty printables to encourage you daily and is completely free!

I may choose to sell it one day but for now, it’s all yours.

Just subscribe and you will receive it via email.  You’ll also get a boatload of WifeLife encouragement!  We can ALL use that, can’t we?!  Follow along daily also with The How-to Guru Facebook page and Instagram.

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