The How-to Guru’s Low Carb Food List {F & FF Week #2}

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Friend, we need to talk about something very important today…

The Low Carb Food list and why we should avoid a “no Carb Foods Diet” at all costs.  

If you are interested in vibrant health and being a woman living abundantly on a daily basis , filling your body with foods consistently that are wholesome and well rounded is essential.  

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A dynamic first step is to to work in fresh fruits & veggies and drinks lots of water in your daily routine.  If you began the Fit & Fab Fall Week #1 last week, you learned how to simply do just that.

A fabulous second step {and the focus of this week’s Fit & Fab Fall Week #2} is to consume good carbs on a daily basis also.  

Food Challenge this week:  Continue with the fruits, veggies, and water just like last week but now add in one serving of Complex Carbs at lunch or dinner. 


  • What are complex carbs and high carb foods anyway?
  • What should I be eating on a regular basis?
  • How do I make these good carbs taste good?


I’m so glad you asked Sista!

If you are like I was just months ago—you probably understand that high carb foods consist of white rice, white bread, and white pasta, but really don’t understand what complex carbs are.

Carbs that haven’t been altered {aka: fried, breaded, processed extensively, bleached, floured-up or sugared-up} are good carbs.  They are very powerful tools to keep our body functioning at top performance.

Eating Complex Carbs consistently can help regulate blood sugar, fill us up, allow healthy digestion, keep our cholesterol in check, and provide tons of vitamins, minerals and more.

Yes, good carbs are that important and God is so cool like that.  


Low Carb Food List of Wonderful Complex Carbs

Brown & Wild Rice


Whole Grain Pasta


Whole Grain Breads









One of the best ways I’ve found to help complex carbs taste good and remain healthy is to substitue chicken broth for the water in recipes and to experiment with salt-free seasonings, good oils, real butter, fresh garlic, and onions.



Do you have a hard time being consistent with things, especially eating a healthy diet and exercising?  And then you beat yourself up when you fail at your healthy goals?

I think a lot of us do.  But take heart Sister because God wants us to stay in the race as a believer and stay in the fight.

God knows our struggles and failures and longs for us to reach out to Him-even about obtaining and maintaining a health body.

He cares and He wants you to stay in the race so that your “temple” will feel its optimal potential.

Faith Challenge this week:  Memorize and really meditate on each and every word of this week’s scripture:



Our fitness challenge this week is to get moving for two hours.   That is all.

Go for a brisk walk several times and keep up with your times or run a few flights of stairs.  Jog in front of the TV.

Jump up during commercials during that hour long show and then jump rope with the kids another day and have fun!

Girls play jumping over the rope



So go buy enough Complex Carbs for your family to have a different one for each day of the week, memorize God’s Truth, and get moving with your kiddos. 


Oh yeah, and comment below to let me know how you are doing!

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