Florida Coast: You Won’t Forget Your Stay At This St. Augustine Village!

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Haven’t heard about this epic, Florida Coast “village” that’s just minutes away from historic St. Augustine Florida?  This resort-style vacation spot had just the right amount of one-of-a-kind, fun activities that reconnected our family and transported us from stressed to energized.  I’m spilling the beans about this legendary destination and the following are just a few highlights from our stay …..

AMAZING Florida Coast "Village" You Won't believe!
(Hosting & food provided by the brands mentioned, but as always, it’s 100% my own Southern opinion)

I had no idea that the World Golf Village existed until recently, so I was tickled when we were invited to explore it for a weekend family getaway.  Mom’s favorite part of this trip?  This property was so inclusive that our car stayed parked within the “village” until we left to go home.

I wanted to make sure my “Wifey friends” knew about it, so let’s get on to the details that women (the real trip planners!) really want to know!

Florida Coast Memories

I’m still in awe of the action-packed, legendary activities that we had the privilege to experience: a super-cool museum (yes, it was exciting!), fun restaurant, famous golf courses, PGA training, 18-hole putting green, luxurious resort, IMAX,  – all just steps away from our luxury hotel.  Beware, you’ll want to start planning your own family adventure here.

AMAZING Florida Coast "Village" You Won't believe!
source: World Golf Village

World Golf Hall of Fame Museum Tour

Our Florida Coast Vacay started with a World Golf Hall of Fame VIP Tour with historian, Dr. Tony Parker.  Whether golf nuts or not, all ages will enjoy this one-of-a-kind museum.

source: World Golf Village
source: World Golf Village

Not only did Dr. Parker literally walk us through the history of golf with display after fun display, spanning from the early days of golf in Scotland to Tiger Woods.  He also showed us specialty spots like the Bob Hope tribute, the locker of Arnold Palmer, and many others.

When Dr. Parker learned of my Scottish roots, he asked me about my people. I filled him in and told him how I was also interested in the Scots that fought alongside Oglethorpe for the establishment of the State of Georgia.  Not only was he aware of my family’s ancestral castle in Scotland, he nonchalantly said, “I wrote a book about the Scots that came to Georgia called, Scottish Highlanders in Colonial Georgia.”  Mind. Completely. Blown.

source: World Golf Village

We were also given tickets to the super-cool World Golf IMAX Theater.  Wow!  This is the largest screen in North Florida.  Y’all.  It’s five stories high, for goodness sake, and 70 feet wide.  It’s not only for educational documentaries (which are awesome on the big screen), but Hollywood blockbusters are shown here as well.

insider tips: Plan to spend up to two hours enjoying the World Golf Hall of Fame Museum and gift shop.  There are many interactive sections (like the virtual golf course that Superman loved),  Wear comfy shoes for this walking tour.

World Golf Village Renaissance Resort

We were dying to see what our resort hotel was like.  It didn’t disappoint.  Just steps away from the museum, the staff was hospitable and our guest room was elegant, large, and more than enough for us. Our partial golf course view guest room had all of my favorites: great view, comfy bed & pillows, desk space to work, frig, AND a large bathroom!

source: World Golf Village
source: World Golf Village

The comfort of the bed and pillows and the balcony view were fabulous!  If you keep up with my wife encouragement and family vacation tips on IG, then you saw our balcony and hotel views.

Yeah, the pool is to die for.  That whole area is just gorgeous.  Even though we visited the Florida Coast while it was too cold for swimming, I couldn’t stop staring!

Another thing I loved about this Florida Coast resort was the lobby.  It just made me smile with it’s elegance, bright colors, and employees around to help with your every need.  Speaking of needs, Starbucks was located in the lobby gift shop and was visited by us many times.  Nice touch!  I also loved how the friendly concierge was located front and center of the lobby.

source: World Golf Village

Yeah, I’m a sucker for a beautiful, luxury hotel.  Aren’t we all?

insider tips:  I would suggest opting for a balcony view, although the view of the atrium center of the hotel is pretty too.

Renaissance Hotel Breakfast

One of my fondest moments of the Renaissance Resort Hotel was our time at the breakfast buffet. Just being honest – and it was scrumptious, OK?!

Everything you could possibly want in a Southern setting for breakfast:  fresh fruit, pastries, muffins, sausage, bacon, waffles, coffee, juices, biscuits and gravy.  Woohoo.  If you saw my IG photos during our stay, you know I enjoyed the delicious breakfast we were served for two days.  The on-site Italian restaurant looked incredible but we never got a chance to try it out.

World Golf Village Restaurants

We loved the convenience of the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant just on the other side of our Renaissance hotel.  When you are starving and want good food fast, it’s nice to be literally be about 30 steps away from a fun restaurant like Caddyshack.

Yes, it’s that set of Murray brothers, Bill Murray and his five brothers that own this sports bar-style eatery.  This is not just your average sports bar food, however, since it’s in the heart of the World Golf Village.  It was so convenient and tasty that we ended up eating at the Caddyshack restaurant both nights!

insider tips: I loved the variety of the menu.  Literally, there is something for everyone here.  Although it is a sports bar, there are dining sections away from the bar for families.

All of the above adventure was created on the first day.  On to the next …..

PGA Tour Academy 

Y’all.  This may have very well been my favorite part of the golf experience.  We were teamed up with incredible instructors that showed us how families come to visit to improve their game dramatically by top-level instruction and state-of-the-art technology.

source: World Golf Village

Jason Fenstermaker was our world-class instructor who showed us the putting green and gave our lessons.  For us as Georgia Bulldog fans, it was also neat to meet Anne Cain who played for UGA and then went on to qualify for the 1989 U.S. Women’s Open as an amateur at age 21.

source: World Golf Village

Jason explained the 30 different types of data that is used to analyze the golf swing of everyone that comes for lessons.  This helps golfers know exactly how to make their swing better and improve their game.

source: World Golf Village
source: World Golf Village

It’s a great option for the whole family to have golf lessons together.  Jason said that they have an incredible summer camp for young people, and that many families head over from their vacations in nearby Orlando..


Legendary Golf Course – Slammer & Squire

I think my man is still pinching himself that he had the chance to play on the 18-hole, award-winning championship course called Slammer & Squire, designed by Bobby Weed with design consultants Sam “The Slammer” Snead and Gene “The Squire” Sarazen.

This course features two distinct nines with generous fairways, contoured greens, and plenty of water hazards along with impressive views of the World Golf Hall of Fame.  The nearby King & Bear Golf Course was a design collaboration between golf’s greatest legends, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.

source: World Golf Village
source: World Golf Village
source: World Golf Village

Absolutely beautiful!

Superman and Princess had their own golf clubs and I got a rental from the clubhouse.  Since there were only three of us, an older gentleman joined us on the hub’s golf cart.  He was a hoot and was cracking me up.  I found out he was a veteran and listened to every thing he wanted to share.  We had a wonderful time on this GORGEOUS Florida Coast Golf Course!

AMAZING Florida Coast "Village" You Won't believe!
AMAZING Florida Coast "Village" You Won't believe!

18-hole Putting Course

In between the Renaissance Resort and the World Golf Museum, you’ll find the fun, 18-hole, natural grass putting course.  We decided to see how good we were and get a little friendly competition going just before we had to head home from the amazing Florida Coast.  It’s quite harder than it looks.  We wound around each hole, never knowing to expect.

AMAZING Florida Coast "Village" You Won't believe!
source: World Golf Village 9 of the 18-hole putting green

The Hall of Fame Challenge

Are you familiar with the  17th hole at TPC Sawgrass?  No worries if not.

It’s a shot with a green that’s about 130 yards away on an island.  Not easy!   Located right in the center of the World Golf Village, the Hall of Fame Challenge has its own “island green.”  Winners of the challenge each month receive a commemorative brick that will be placed on the beautiful grounds.

AMAZING Florida Coast "Village" You Won't believe!
He got it on the green & won a poster!

Our Florida Coast trip was full of adventure, laughter, relaxation, golf, food, and history.  We enjoyed the outdoor adventure, great cuisine, and luxurious resort amenities during our stay.  I can’t recommend The World Golf Village enough for a complete family vacation or a full weekend getaway like we enjoyed.


World Golf Hall of Fame

World Golf Village Renaissance

World Golf IMAX

Murry Bros. Caddyshack

My thanks goes to the World Golf Hall of Fame for making us feel so special, Dr. Tony Parker for his love and knowledge of the game, Renaissance Resort for hosting and feeding us, and Murray Bros. Caddyshack for the wonderful evenings of great food.  We loved our time and have very special memories that will last a lifetime.

Have you booked your World Golf Village vacation on the Florida Coast yet?

AMAZING Florida Coast "Village" You Won't believe!


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    • Shan
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      Met too, Melanie. So fun!

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    Wow, this looks absolutely amazing!! I want to jump in that pool!

    • Shan
      May 5, 2017 / 8:05 am

      I know, right?! Pool was GORGEOUS.

  5. Stacey Billingsley
    May 5, 2017 / 8:06 am

    We love St. Augustine! We take a couple days there after our Disney trip every other year since we drive. We stay at Vilano Beach, but we are always up for new experiences! Thanks for the review!

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    Looks like you had lots of fun.

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