BEST Health and Wellness Challenge Starts In 10 Days

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So I was all prepared to post my newest Wellness Wednesdays post and then I found out about the new Health and Wellness Nationwide Challenge that starts in exactly 10 days.  Eppp!  You do not want to miss this, girlfriend.   {my post about how to make green smoothies for beginners will just have to wait}.

Why on earth would I be excited about this Nationwide health and wellness challenge?

Thanks for asking, honey.

THE Health and Wellness Challenge you must start soon

Let me just shed some light on this for ya.  This may or may not be for you but I’m sharing all the same because I am super-duper passionate about helping Mamas get healthy once and for all and stay that way.  This photo says a lot.


I. Can’t. EVEN.

I’m beyond excited.  You know why?  The weather’s warming up and Mama’s feeling good.  Thanks to this heath and wellness challenge that I am sharing with you today.  While going through it’s 24 day plan of learning how to eat real-wholesome-normal foods, when to eat them, how often to eat them, how to prepare them in a healthy but yummy way, and fill in nutritional gaps with vitamins, my life hasn’t been the same.  

It’s simple and natural with no diets or diet pills allowed.  Can I get a “Woot Woot!

Did you miss out on the big Nationwide Wellness Challenge you heard about in January?   Well guess what?  This is the one for Spring and is going to be so much fun.  

You can join up and be added to the private facebook page, get your eating plan, download the free app, have me as your personal helper/coach at your beckon call.  😉   It’s amazing.

Now Hear This:  There are no diet pills or fake fixes. {It’s natural & safe so there are options for Pregos/Nursing Mamas and even those with gluten, dairy, and food sensitivities, and other issues.  There are no health claims because everyone is different and man oh man the trusted sources that create it all.  I could go on and on but I’ll let you read about the doctors and scientists yourself, the athletes who endorse it even though none of them get compensated {except Drew Brees who’s the national sponsor}. 

Until we feel like we are in athlete-form, we can stick with the simple stuff and learn what-how-when to eat normal, whole foods prepared in a cleaner way that still taste wonderful.    I’m would love to assist three women {feel free to include your spouse or friend} that want to finally get a grasp on their health and wellness.  If you’ve been looking for a sign about what kind of health and wellness challenge to begin…..

This may be your sign.


The big group challenge starts April 6th.  Your supplement pack would need to be ordered by March 30th.  It’s worth. every. cent.   Please feel free to reach out to me first to see if we may need to tweak it for your specific needs.

Just think, by the end of April, you will be finished with this 24 day challenge and you’ll be so glad you took the time to finally take care of your body – because…

Mamas are important!

Here’s a video where I really wanted to share my heart with you:

Can’t view? Watch it here.

What is YOUR immediate health goal, friend?


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