How To Declutter the Kitchen, Closet, & Family Room Wrap-Up

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Let’s just be transparent today, my gorgeous friend.

I hope that learning how to declutter the kitchen, closet and family room in baby steps for our Minimal March Challenge has been easy enough to help you do a little bit each day this month.  I have heard rave reviews about how several of you’ve been getting it done but that you need this week to tie up loose ends from each of these areas.

I’m so glad you spoke up because I’d like to park here for a few more days too.

If you are like me, one room was easier than others and you finished up all nice and tidy but you don’t feel as if they are ready to put the “complete” stamp on all the areas just yet.  So instead of starting a new project just to keep up with my preconceived plans {muah-ha-ha} {that was my evil villain laugh if you didn’t know}, we’re gonna put on the brakes and do this thang right.

Remember the reason we are doing this in the first place?

Of course, you do but let me put it out there for you again.  We want to declutter the kitchen and such to create a non-perfect, lived-in but chaos-free environment  where our peeps {the hubs and kiddos, of course} can feel welcome, relaxed, and loved in their home base.  

I am finding great joy in making a space they long to retreat to after dealing with this crazy-town world we live in and I want to help you do the same.


I’m already enjoying the lack of stress in these areas that used to be so clutter-y and annoying and I think the fam is too.  Remember, we aren’t getting side-tracked with heavy “cleaning” or finding storage solutions yet.

I’ve got those awesome tidbits to share with you soon though so stay tuned!  {great time to subscribe in top right column to not miss a thang}

So I will recap the entire Minimal March Challenge in case you missed something {or are just getting started} by listing every article in this series below.  Just go one by one through the links and move on as you have completed each one.  

Let’s Go Mamas!


Be sure to upload your before-during-after photos of the Minimal March Challenge on the facebook page between now and March 31st. We’d love to celebrate any accomplishment you’ve made whether a big closet or a small kitchen drawer that is clutter-free at last!

So let’s hear it, which area surprised you as actually being fun to organize?


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