How to Cook The Best Vegetables: Quick + Easy + Healthy

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Cook the Best Vegetables

So how is the Fit & Fab Fall Challenge going?  Have you been able to get in all of the best vegetables and fruits this week – twice a day?  It’s tough some days, I know.  Are you wondering how to cook vegetables quickly that taste wonderful but keep their healthy integrity?

You aren’t alone Sista!

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I mean, let’s face it, fruit is easy to consume twice a day because it doesn’t require much preparation.  As long as you have bought it and brought it home, you’re almost there.

Veggies on the other hand can be much more intimidating.


4 ways we cook the best vegetables

This is how we keep ’em healthy and yummy around here:

I shared already this week how to get stir fry vegetables on the table in 7 minutes and today I am sharing how to cook them on the stove in a jiffy with chicken broth and seasonings.  I’ll let my quick, video tutorial show you how easy it really is:

Did you notice the yummy muffins on the counter?  They are another secret weapon we use to keep us on track because they are fabulous and guilt-free chocolate chip muffins.  

I would love to hear how you are preparing your best vegetables!  Tell me in the comments!


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