Our Bodies Were Made For MORE

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It’s a Wellness Wednesday thang today and I’ve been thinking a lot about how our bodies were made for more and designed to be amazing.

Do you realize just how stinkin’ amazing???

I firmly believe that God expertly designed our bods with the following specialties:


  • to have a strong connection between mind, body, and spirit
  • to desire and enjoy natural, whole, real food
  • to excel with consistent nutrition & physical activity 


More Mamas than not, {at least the ones sharing struggles with me}, are allowing stress, lack of real nutrition, overeating, missing nutrients, and/or eating unhealthy foods to penetrate their lives, which in turn endangers the lives of the family too.

We are after all, the Keepers of our Homes and typically Mama rules the kitchen and pantry.

We aren’t intentionally harming ourselves and families of course, but this sort of stuff creeps in as we run around like wild women in the busyness of life……like it crept into my life and camped out there for way too many years.


I’ve found that most Mamas can’t seem to break the chains and stay on the straight path of wellness once and for all.

Why do I care that so many Mamas are struggling?

Because I was that Mama.

The wife and mom who went to bed every night discouraged that I had failed God, my family, and myself once again by not having the energy or strength to resist the unhealthy choices of the day.

I was a believer.  I felt so guilty that I couldn’t get a grip on my health. I knew I wasn’t treating my body as the temple God wanted it to be.  

I wanted to but I just couldn’t seem to stay on the right track for any amount of time to make a difference.  The weight wasn’t an issue at first.  I lacked energy.  

Then as I continued to struggle, the weight crept on quicker and quicker each year.

Can you relate, sweet one?

Recently though, I sought the Lord and He met me right where I was…..  

Defeated.  Downcast.  Depressed.  

He’s taught me a lot about Himself.

He’s taught me a lot about little ol’ me.

And I’ve gained much insight about how much He loves me…..imperfectly perfect as I am.  

The triumphant health journey He’s led me on over the last few months has literally changed my life and the life of my family.   Our happy, healthier lives are so more vibrant than they have ever been.  The hubs and I feel like twenty-somethings.   

And we are, ahem, nowhere near twenty years old!


New Thoughts

You know what my {nerdy, alliterating} thoughts are now?

My new “D” word has become…..


I’ve seen just what the Lord can do when you trust Him in all areas of your life.  Even the ones you think He wouldn’t care about, that you think are insignificant.  He cares!

I’ve seen just how amazing He created our bodies to be.  How readily it responds to great nutrition that He intended for us to consume from the very beginning of time.  How crazy-fast our body changes when we just get moving, not marathon running, just moving in the tiniest way.

He has showed me how amazing He designed us to feel with lots of energy and clear thinking.

I am so grateful and I can’t keep it to myself anymore.  Even though I am super shy when it comes right down to it, I’m finding it harder and harder to keep my mouth shut about it.


I’m determined to help as many Mamas as I can to break those chains of low-energy, anxiousness, unhealthy food cravings, inactivity, feeling unworthy, feeling unhealthy, feeling defeated.

I’m determined to fight for Mamas that don’t have the energy to fight for themselves right now against the enemy of darkness that comes to steal joy, health, and peace in our godly homes.


New Purpose 

Funny how God works.  It seems so odd to us but you know what?  He’s God and we aren’t supposed to fully understand.  We aren’t capable because we aren’t God.

And that’s A-OK with me!

I never in a million years would have guessed that I would find so much joy in helping women regain their own health the same way I did but that’s exactly what God has placed in my heart.

God has given me a new purpose.

I’ve become an accidental health coach of sorts.  And I’ve never been happier.

God’s cool like that, huh?

Right now, I have nine friends and family members that are going through a 24 Day plan with me.   I am so humbled with their trust and progress in letting me help them with the tools that I’ve used to completely change the course of our lives.

And guess what?  They are rockin’ it!!!   I am so proud.  More friends start their 24 days soon.


 It’s a New Day

Here are the top reasons I’ve found that women are trapped in their unending cycle of healthy vs. unhealthy…..

Reason #1, most simply don’t know the truth about what nutrients our body needs on a daily basis and what foods to avoid consistently.   We are so used to the media telling us what this year’s fad diet is that most people are totally confused and have given up.

Reason #2,  most don’t know how to incorporate food and supplementation that can detox the body in a natural way as to eliminate the cravings of unhealthy foods that sabotage health goals.

Reason #3, most people ignore the warning signs that our body sends to let us know that we are not treating it properly.  I was guilty of this too.

Reason #4, most people are so afraid of change and are quite lazy to be honest, that they are unwilling to make a change.  I wish I had not wasted so much of my life being in that same place.

Reason #5, they believe it is too expensive to eat healthy and nutritious or that the food will be tasteless and bland.

Sound like you, Sister?

I pray that you will let me help you form new habits one day at a time so that you can enjoy true freedom in Christ and freedom in living healthy for the rest of your life.

{Did I mention that I don’t charge anything to help you get started and coach you through?  I simply point you in the direction of a comprehensive, supplementation & nutrition program.}

Drop me an email or contact me through my facebook page or any of the other social media choices at the top corner of this page.


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