What Does Your Year of Miracles Look Like?

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As I sit here and contemplate 2014 and all that has past, I wonder what year 2015 will hold.  

What does your year look like?

Of course only God knows the future but I firmly believe that you have to be intentional in what’s important or life will fly by at hyper speed.

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So take the time to be intentional about what you don’t want to miss this year.

I just know that this year you will definitely be amazing and full of God’s miracles!

Love and prayers for 2015.

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  1. Judy Charlotte
    January 17, 2015 / 11:36 pm

    A year of miracles is a year without any problem. That’s what it is for me.

    • Shan
      January 21, 2015 / 6:48 am

      I think problems will always be a part of our lives but by being intentional about what’s important and relying on the God that created us all, we can face them as a Champion. 😉

  2. SueSueper
    January 31, 2015 / 6:29 am

    My year will hopefully have me being more consistent in all ways to a fit lifestyle. Continue walking and make sure it’s EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s all I am striving for.

    • Shan
      February 1, 2015 / 9:59 am

      GREAT goals Sue. One day at a time. You can do it. 😉

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