Day In The Life: Thanksgiving Break Day #3 & #4 Vlog

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Day three of our Fall break had me in my happy place for hours ~ my kitchen. Superman went to work like normal and Princess slept in a little, so my main objectives were to roast Mr. Turkey and prepare a homemade apple pie and homemade fudge.


Day #3 of Thanksgiving Break

My mouth is watering just looking at that photo.  I mean, look at that flaky crust.  Mmm!  I shared how to make my foolproof pie crust a long time ago,  and I’m still using the exact same one.  It’s. So. easy. Y’all.  I’ve experimented with other pie crust recipes this year and none compare to this one.

Now on to all to turkey details:

Trouble viewing video? Watch Day in the Life Turkey Week #3

Day #4 of Thanksgiving Break

We did all this prep work the day before Thanksgiving because we were heading our at 4 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning to spend the day at Superman and E ‘s house.  I was so excited to see them.

Trouble viewing video? Watch Turkey Day 2015

Those two cute kiddos were such gracious hosts and we had so much fun spending the day with them.  The time just flies by way too fast when we are together.  I hope your day was spent with the ones you love as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my wifey friends!

How have you spent your Thanksgiving Break & especially Thanksgiving Day?

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