Family Room Clutter Buster Tips {minimal march challenge}

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So how’s week #1 of the Minimal March Challenge: Family Room coming, busy Mama?  I know you are up to your eyeballs with things to do but this challenge can actually free up some of our time, for good if we learn how to be a family room clutter buster.

Don’t give in to those excuses—I’ve got inspiration and ideas to help you just get it done…!














Have you ever thought how peaceful and tidy households were in the old days of our Grandparents and Great Grandparents?

Why is that?

Plain and simple, they lived with completely different mindsets and priorities.    More value was placed on family time and in the quality of items purchased for the home.  Limits were set on the quantity of items bought, and valuable pieces were fixed up rather than bought cheaply.  

When you think about it, they basically lived a  minimalist lifestyle compared to modern times.  Nothing radical but just simple living.  Homes were neater and free from clutter because they were content with having just what they needed-not the excess we exhibit.


Large storage units, huge closets, and space savers weren’t necessary because they didn’t need them. They cooked from scratch way more than you and I and didn’t have to have the 542 kitchen gadgets cluttering up the counter tops and cabinets to get it done.

God has been calling me back to basics in order to gain more peace, simplicity and joy in my home.

As we end up week #1 of the Minimal March Challenge, here are a few tips to finish up decluttering that Family Room clutter like a boss.




















We gotta change our Stubborn Heads

How nice would it be to have more time in our day, clean less, and be in amore frequent good mood for our families?

What, you don’t get ill with your family?  

Right, I’ll just ask your fam how often you get in a foul mood when you walk in a room that is clutter-y!

Never mind — I don’t want you to find out from my peeps how often I get an attitude simply because I’ve ignored a mess that keeps mounting and then it’s more than I can stand!  

It just ought not be.

The first step to being a Family Room Clutter Buster is the stubborn habit of thinking we need so much. God is showing me that the best way to not get overwhelmed is to get to the heart of the matter and take baby steps from there.  So let’s ask some hard questions:

  • How did all this stuff get here anyway?  
  • Do I really need 659 DVDs for movie night?  
  • Do my kids need several room-fulls of stuff?  
  • Why do I feel the need to keep buying more of what we already have?  
  • Why do I feel it’s not ok to be a glutton with food but it’s ok to be a glutton with stuff?

These are questions you’ve got to ask yourself.  Ask God to help you change your thinking.  I’ve learned that following His lead of cutting the clutter not only relieves stress, provides peace for the whole family, and since we’ve started, it has given me extra pep in my step to do the important things He’s calling me to do.  

To keep me motivated to gain freedom by having less, I enjoy keeping up with those who have to live with less and are making it work on a daily basis.  Fulltime RVers, Tiny House Owners, and minimalist bloggers are inspiring to me. I’ve been reading Joshua Becker’s blog for a little while now and love his message.


We Gotta Set Limits

After we decide that we want to gain more by having less, the second step to being a clutter buster is to stop the stuff from finding it’s way into our buggies and then essentially into our homes. We have to stop.  Having to go through your closet last month and now weeding through your junk treasures in the Family Room may be just the jolt you needed to stop the spending.  

As God has been shaping me in this process, I really analyze every purchase now to ensure that I really need it and if not, it stays on the shelf, Sista.  We’ve got to make a change and teach our kids what God is teaching us as well.

News flash — you aren’t the only one who has let the excess creep into your home.  My goal tonight in finishing up our Week #1 Minimal March Challenge is to sort through all of these things that came out of our entertainment armoire.  WAY too much that I just simply have not wanted to deal with but together, we are hitting it head on, aren’t we?!


We Gotta Find A Home For What’s Leaving & What’s Left

So have you been thinking that you are all alone in the mess and chaos?

Think again, my friend.   Think again.     You may have seen this photo on the facebook page because I want to be completely transparent with you in where we are in our challenge too.   My goal is to have my two piles sorted as soon as the dinner dishes are done:  the trash pile and the go pile.  The pile that goes will either be given to someone who wants/needs it or will be sold.












The final part is finding storage solutions for those things that do get to stay.  Instead of making piles in corners like I am guilty of, furniture and shelving that serves a two-fold purpose is the best idea eva.

Here are my faves:

Decide exactly what goes in and on tables and then stand firm. These would be great:

Personally, I’m looking for the perfect trunk/coffee table with storage and an antique magazine rack to place beside our couch.


We Gotta Get in the Routine

Lastly, one of the best clutter buster tips you can implement into your home is to have a permanent “pick up” time that is done every single day.   For us, Superman texts me as he’s leaving his work and that way I know exactly how long I have until he gets home.  It’s the perfect amount of time for Mama to freshen up for her honey, to make sure dinner is planned all the way, and for us to freshen up the house for Daddy.  

Even on those days the hubby may not notice, the Lord sees my efforts and that’s good enough for me.

I hope this has been helpful-I’d love for you to share with your friends with the handy buttons below.  I surely appreciate it!

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