How To Make Delicious And Easy Cube Steak {video}

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How about a quick and easy cube steak recipe for those insanely busy weeks {like this one for me} and for some healthy protein for our Fab Fall Challenge?  This seriously took me all of about seven minutes to throw together.  I paired the easy cube steak {or cubed steak} with a side of field peas and rice.  mmmm mmm   I’ve discovered how to make a healthier gravy these days and hope to share soon, but this week we’re keeping it quick and light.



As long as you follow these simple directions and don’t overcook the meat, gravy is not required!  My secret sauce weapon is the gem called, Liquid Aminos, All Purpose Seasoning.


I’d never heard of it before, {thank you Advocare}, but Liquid Aminos is a safer alternative to conventional soy sauce which is loaded with sodium and other ingredients.  We use in moderation and it sure does add lots of flavor to meats.  If that bright, yellow label seems familiar, it’s probably because you have bought Organic Apple Cider Vinegar  from the same Bragg family.

How To Make Delicious And Easy Cube Steak {video}
  • Cube Steak, thawed
  • 1 Tablespoon butter
  • salt and pepper
  • Liquid Aminos
  1. Pat dry your meat so that salt and pepper will adhere. Melt butter in skillet {cast iron rocks} and cook steaks on medium/high heat for first two minutes to brown on each side, add liquid aminos generously, and then cook 2-3 minutes more to cook throughout.
  2. Let meat rest for a few minutes to retain juices before digging in!
  3. Enjoy


Side note:  I failed to mention in the video but included it on your recipe card that you should definitely let the meat rest after it’s cooked to let the juices seal.  If you attack it too soon with that fork and knife, the juices will run out and it may be dry.  

OK, you’re drooling and it’s getting intense in here so let’s get on with that easy cube steak video, shall we?


Trouble viewing video?  Watch How to Make Delicious & Easy Cube Steak


I told you it was easy.  

So tell me, who’s having super-easy cube steak for Dinner this week?



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