Exciting News: New Series for the Lighthouse Lover

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Are you, like me, intrigued by lighthouses? I mean, how could anyone not be a lighthouse lover?

Lighthouse at sunrise on the ocean with low clouds and horizon

Within my overactive imagination, I envision them as mysterious old gals. Each one having stood tall against tides, wars, or extreme weather, sometimes all three – trying their best to take her down. Guardians that remain as beacons of strength and hope through the darkest of nights.

I’m a little biased, I’m sure, but the Georgia Coast has some of the most glorious lighthouses in the land.

Majestic. Historic. Intriguing.

Filled with fascinating stories that must be told.

However, I realize that there are challenges in wanting to visit the actual lighthouses of Georgia.

Before visiting them, you have many questions…

  • Where are lighthouses in Georgia?
  • How many lighthouses are in Georgia?
  • What is the oldest lighthouse in Georgia?
  • Which ones are open to the public?
  • Can you visit all active Georgia Lighthouses in one day?
  • How far apart are they?
  • Are they worth the visit?
  • How do I get there?
  • Can you climb them?
  • How many steps are in each?
  • What else is nearby to do or to eat?

That’s where I come in!

Tybee Island Georgia Lighthouse with lightkeeper's house, trees, and white picket fence alongside


After a decade as a southern travel journalist, discovering the legends, history, and beauty of each unique Georgia lighthouse has been one of my favorite perks of the job. Hearing ghost stories and tales of what tenacious lighthouse keepers have gone through have been fascinating and I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

I’ve studied and visited them for years and it’s high time that I share the scoop with you.

So how about taking an old-fashioned road trip with me along Georgia’s Coastal Highway to visit the lighthouses that remain? This series will complete our quest to visit the entire Georgia Coast.

I’m sharing [article by article] all the stories and road trip itinerary ideas to build a one-of-a-kind vacation to see one or all of the lighthouses in Georgia.

[Let me know if you want Florida & Carolina lighthouses to come next].

Each of these ladies just so happens to be surrounded by quaint coastal towns… some of my favorite places in the land. So buckle up, you’re about to get everything you need to know about where to stay, play, and eat on this quest to Georgia Lighthouses land.

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I’m SO excited that you are here.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this!


Published on HuffPost, Okefenokee Living Magazine, and more, Shan is a Family Travel Journalist with a passion for helping women lose the overwhelm of planning family-friendly trips in the south. She shares travel reviews & insider secrets that Women REALLY want to know about Georgia, Florida, & the Carolinas vacations.

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