We Did WHAT? Reflecting On Hurricanes And Summer Memories

I sit here downloading our summer memories via video and photos this afternoon and the house is very quiet.  Hurricane Irma preparation has us all wiped out!  The thought of having to get on the busy highways makes my anxiety peak to new levels, so I’m so thankful that’s not our issue.  I have been cooking and cleaning everything in sight that would stand still because it helps somehow.  I wanted to stop long enough to share with you a couple interesting things!

These Hurricane Irma and Summer Memories are unbelievable!

Summer Memories

In the past month, I’ve had several requests to share more of our life on video.  Sooo, I’ve been videoing snippets of our lives practically every day.  I just have to get caught up with editing them all and delivering it to you more frequently.  Below I’ll share the newly published June and July 2017 summer memories for you to enjoy.  I’ll have the August 2017 vlog up in the coming days (depending on how nice Hurricane Irma is to us this weekend).  Don’t worry, I am hopeful (get it?)

I would LOVE to share a vlog with you each and every week.  Throughout the month of September, I’m going to attempt it.  We’ll see how that goes.  For now, enjoy the June and July videos below and keep up with us daily on Instagram and Facebook and checking your email for YouTube updates (if you’ve subscribed to me on YouTube)!

Love and hugs to all of you, my hopeful friends, in these days of uncertain weather.  What I am certain of is that God is not surprised by these circumstances.  He is our hope.  It is well.

He calmed the hurricanes and they stopped and the waves of the sea were quieted.  Psalm 107:29

contagious June joy video

July 2017 video

These Hurricane Irma and Summer Memories are unbelievable!

I’d love to know:

What are YOUR favorite Summer Memories from this year?



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