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Hello Gorgeous friend.

Cozy on up to get refreshed because I’ve got all my favs from this week here,  just for you.  

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For this How-to Weekly Edition Shindig, cue the confetti, honey.  God’s Spring confetti, that is.










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The last How-to Weekly





You know how I obsess over glass jars.   Here is how to add mason jars this Spring to add cheer.







 Have you been wanting to know how to stop unwanted junk mail?






So cool.  How to be rewarded for being healthy












How to make Salmon healthy AND taste great.






Yay, a great tutorial about how to correctly shape your eyebrows.  I learned this 25 years ago in beauty school and to me, it still applies today.  Good stuff!










I hope your recent Resurrection Day was a wonderful day of worship of the one and only God Almighty.  We followed our same traditions we do every year:  Easter baskets, Worship at Church, Easter Egg dying & hiding, and photo ops {my personal fave}.  It was a great day but we were missing our oldest son, Captain & E {his new fiance}.










Purchasing gifts for my three was a little different this year.  {Yes, I still get baskets for my older kids and hubby—It’s just something I enjoy doing!}  Captain would not be home for Easter so I’d need to ship him one, Princess has been having food allergy issues so I’d have to be creative, and Superman requested that I not get him one at all since he didn’t want junk food.  I think all turned out happy.

Oh yeah, and SuperPup got Smarties for her Easter Goodies.




























































In other exciting news, we’ve planted our first real garden.  

Ekkk.   We have no idea what we are doing but you gotta start somewhere, right?  

Our kind neighbor came over and tilled the small area and then Superman and Princess planted strawberries, onions, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and bell peppers.  

We sure hope something turns out!


















Yesterday we traveled to visit some friends who all happened to move to the same area in the same time frame and leave a big ol’ whole in our hearts.  


Seriously we are happy for them but miss them tremendously.  We told one couple that we were coming and surprised the newlywed couple.  We all worshiped together at First Baptist Church in Statesboro, Georgia and then spent some time together in the afternoon.  Love them to pieces.

all of us












I was thinking about the truth nuggets God has showed off this week when I came across this inspirational video.  You know how strongly I support the military {due the the double digits of men in our family who have/are serving}.  

Now I’ve certainly watched my share of soldier surprise homecomings but this one is unique.    It isn’t even the fact that the Dad falls down as he is hugging on his soldier.  

NO, you have to wait til the very end when there is a second replay and you see the FULL picture.   The picture of a Father running to his son who has returned home.  

Promise me you’ll watch til you see the Dad running…..


Can’t view?  Watch Soldier returns home to Game.


So what does this soldier homecoming have to do with God’s truth?  

I’m so glad you asked.

Seeing the Father run the way he did made me think about how Luke 15:20 says that while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.

Then this a song came to mind and I want to remind you that if you have ever or feeling right now that you have somehow “out-sinned”  God’s grace and forgiveness, you have never been further from the mark. 

Can’t view? Watch When God Ran.


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