How to Organize Your Closet (Create a Haven Day #1)

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What’s the secret of knowing how to organize your closet fast and painlessly, my dear friend? Until recently, I had no. idea.  My closet was a disaster too, just like yours.

I’m not a naturally organized person but clutter does make me cranky and stressed, especially in frequently used, tight spaces.


If you think about it, your closet is a space that we use each and every day of our lives, and one of the first things we see each morning.    Walking into a closet that is orderly and free from excess can affect your mood positively like you wouldn’t believe or it can put you in a really crabby mood.

So why did I keep letting the closet get in such a mess?

Life gets crazy and we ignore the mounting pile of papers and clothes that you can easily throw on the shelf {to deal with later} and pray to God above that no one wants a closet tour.  Each time you open the closet door you think to yourself, “Gah, I need to do something.   Ummm, later.”

Am I alone in this?

I sure hope not!

I can’t join those intense, organizational programs that have you doing a task every day.  I start out well but get overwhelmed and, poof, it’s over.  So don’t worry, we’re taking it slow.  The whole month of March to be exact and we’re getting a head start.

Right now you have some simple instructions as we begin the Minimal March Challenge where we’ll move from how to organize your closet to decluttering other areas of our lives.

You’ll thank me later, I promise.


The How to Organize Your Closet Challenge

All I want you to do today through Friday is to #1, add photos of the top shelves of your messy closet on the facebook page and then #2,  place all of the stuff from your closet’s top shelf in one area on the floor of your closet or in the corner of your bedroom.

If you have the time to start sorting through your stuff, then go for it but if not,  we’ll talk about what to do with it all on Friday of this week {so stay tuned}.  Don’t worry about clothes and shoes right now,  just focus on those shelves.

As your fearless leader, I’m going to get this party started by posting my photos.


Now it’s your turn, join the community of Sistas that want to get it together….. TOGETHER by adding your “before”  closet-shelf photos to the facebook page.  If you’re on Twitter, you can add it to your facebook post.
Are you ready to learn how to organize your closet so it will stay that way? Let’s Go!

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