Things To Do In Richmond Hill + Sunbury + Midway Georgia: Coastal GA Road Trip

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Excited to join our road trip down the Georgia Coast and need to know the best things to do in Richmond Hill and Historic Midway and Sunbury Georgia?

coastal georgia highway 17 curving from the water to the marshes

You’ve probably heard about Fort McAllister State Park and Richmond Hill attractions near Tybee Island.

Or you want to see why Bryan and Liberty counties captured the heart of automobile billionaire Henry Ford and his wife Clara.

My last guess is that you want to see the circa 1792 Midway Church (still standing!) where prominent Continental Congress members went on to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Either way, this post is for you!

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Where is Richmond Hill, Sunbury, and Midway, Georgia anyway?

Richmond Hill, part of Bryan County, Georgia is 50 miles south of Hilton Head, South Carolina, and 75 miles to secluded Jekyll Island Georgia.

14 miles southwest of Richmond Hill is Midway, Georgia. Drive 11 more miles east and you’ll find Sunbury, Georgia. Both of which are part of Liberty County.

Visit these Georgia counties on a day trip, weekend trip, or as beach getaways on a road trip from Savannah and Tybee, down to Darien Georgia.

Keep reading for Richmond Hill things to do, the best Richmond Hill restaurants, and the best hotels in Richmond Hill, GA. You won’t find these Georgia travel tips and details anywhere else. Enjoy the vacation ideas, activities, accommodations, what to eat, and maps.


Practically in Savannah Georgia’s backyard, Richmond Hill is located along the scenic Ogeechee River.

A secret to most of the world, this well-kept small southern town is brimming with lots of gorgeous architecture, shopping, restaurants, and outdoor recreation. Many beautiful places in Richmond are the result of Henry Ford’s accidental discovery and refurbishment of this modest Lowcountry paradise.

The Green Creek Trail, J.F. Gregory Park, tennis courts, and golf courses are popular outdoor spots for locals and visitors. Within the park is a Richmond Hill Veterans Memorial where each granite piece represents a war fought by the United States Armed Forces in the last 100 years.

Green Veterans Memorial sign in white letters in front of green bush

The city’s pride and joy pride for many years has been the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival each fall.


Originally built by Henry Ford as a kindergarten center during the 1940s, the Richmond Hill History Museum building currently displays the local history from the Guale Indians to the arrival of Henry Ford and beyond.

It’s a fascinating story!

Insider Tip: The museum is located at 11460 Ford Ave. They are taking reservations for tours at this time due to the pandemic.


Arrive in downtown Richmond Hill and download the Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail app to see all the interesting things to do in the area.

When you start the app you’ll hear…

“Here, you’ll embark on a journey where you will learn about many of the fascinating people and stories that make up the rich heritage of South Bryan County.”

Click on the tab called “list” and you’ll see a list of all the places to visit in order of where they are located.

You’ll notice that the original name for this area was Ways Station and a lot of information will come up about Henry Ford, the car magnate.

He visited this area fell in love. So much that he and his wife built a winter home here. He started many churches and schools and even refurbished Fort McAllister State Park.

The rich history of Richmond Hill & Fort McAllister video

In the video, you’ll see us wandering around many stops on the Coastal Bryan Trail app including Burnt Church Cemetery, Stop #13, the grave of George W McAllister.

Such a beautiful place!


Fort McAllister, built in 1861, served the purpose of providing protection against Union Naval attacks during the Civil War.

45 minutes away from Savannah and easily accessible to I95, Fort McAllister State Park is a lovely outdoor space with plenty of water recreation, picnic tables, a playground, and fishing piers.

The covered picnic areas include bathrooms, and the children’s play area has a rock climbing wall, swings, and a fitness zone.

Want to camp?

There are cottages and RV sites!

Walkthrough the interactive museum for a fascinating display of Liberty County’s involvement in the Civil War.

Take a peek outside the museum (after paying a fee) into the barracks to see what living conditions would have been like. Also, check out the Blacksmith shop that offered a place to make weapons and supplies.

We loved going underground to the hospital for those who had malaria or burns from the cannons. Underground we also saw the Gunpowder Magazine that stored gunpowder and ammunition.

Once you pay your fee at the museum, you’ll receive a map. This map includes a numbered trail to follow around the fort.

A Fort McAllister tour is a fabulous outdoor venue to learn about the Civil War era in our country. It’s also a great place to get exercise and enjoy the beautiful view of the Ogeechee River.

Insider Tip: Wear incredibly comfortable walking shoes because there is A LOT of walking. But it’s so worth it! THESE are cute and comfy.


There are plenty of budget chain hotels in Richmond Hill Georgia, for sure. Of them all, I personally like Home2Suites or Hampton Inn, both near Savannah I 95.

If you can swing a nicer resort (especially if you are traveling our Coastal Georgia road trip), swing for one of the Tybee Island resorts in THIS article or this beach resort that I wrote about HERE.


Wondering the best places to eat in Richmond Hill, Ga?

I’ve got you.

Start your day with a breakfast sandwich and the best coffee in town at Way Station Coffee Co. on Ford Avenue. You’ll also love the Caprese panini and espresso to go!

Enjoy lunch or dinner at Bubba’s Bistro.

Bubba’s is known around town for excellent home cooking and friendly staff. Try the crab cake sandwich, fried green tomatoes, and grilled vegetables.

Insider Tip: Don’t skip the dessert at Bubba’s!

Richmond Hill Ga map


Georgia marsh and ocean in the distance

What may seem like a pass-through area between Savannah and the Golden Isles on Highway 17 (my favorite Coastal Georgia road of choice), don’t miss the unbelievable story of this quiet but historic town.

British Colonists established the land known as Midway, Georgia, and granted land to Dorchester, South Carolina Puritans.

Of the small population of Midway residents, several men would become big names in United States history.


black wrought iron gate to Midway Museum which is white southern home behind the gate with trees and grass
Midway’s History Museum

The Midway Museum, built as a gorgeous display of 18th-century Lowcountry architecture, is housed next door to the Midway Congregational Church. The cemetery is across the street.

The Congregationalists that came from South Carolina established the Midway Society and Church in a formal meetinghouse.

White 1752 original church among oak trees, spanish moss and connected cemetery across the street
Historic Midway Georgia Church

In 1792, the present church building is one of the most scenic historic landmarks in Georgia and one of the oldest church buildings and congregations in Georgia.

Church member Lyman Hall represented Georgia at the First Continental Congress. One year later in 1776, Lyman, neighbor Button Gwinnett, and Augusta resident George Walton signed the Declaration of Independence.

Across the street is the beautifully eerie historic walled cemetery.

Midway Georgia Cemetery of ancient graves, markers, and monuments among oak trees with spanish moss hanging from branches
Historic walled Midway Cemetery

At almost two acres, the cemetery holds Georgia Governor Nathan Brownson, Senator John Elliott, General Daniel Stewart, and General James Screven.

White 1752 church in background and ancient brick walled cemetery with black gate in forefront.
Historic Midway Church and Cemetery

Insider Tip: Call ahead to Midway Museum at 912-884-5837 for current hours and specific COVID guidelines. Museum, church, and cemetery are located at 491 N. Coastal Highway, Midway.


Very close to the Midway Museum and Church, Cay Creek Interpretive Center showcases freshwater wetlands very rich in native Georgia trees.

This tidal ecosystem is home to many diverse species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

The best part?

The natural beauty you discover as you take a stroll along the boardwalk!

Insider Tip: Cay Creek is located at 189 Charlie Butler Road.,


green sign with yellow writing the explains history of Old Sunbury Road in Georgia

The story of Sunbury is incredibly intriguing. Once a bustling Coastal Georgia port, today it’s a literal ghost town!

This prosperous settlement was founded in 1758 and sported many city streets, town squares, and grand homes. Ships are frequented often from all over the world.

Before the Revolutionary War, this town allegedly had 1/3 of the wealth of the entire colony of Georgia in its midst. The war began its decline.

The residents fled, destruction by the British was significant, and the town never recovered as a commercial center.

red brick ruins and man stand among grass and trees of Coastal Georgia river

Hurricanes, the Civil War, and two bouts of yellow fever in the 1800s replaced the busy city streets with grass, bushes, and trees.

Today, a new era of suburbia is blossoming where the Historic Sunbury once stood. Sunbury Cemetery and Fort Morris are the only visual reminders of this area’s past.

Insider Tip: The Sunbury Cemetery is located at 1-465 Dutchman’s Cove Rd, Midway.


Fort Morris State Park green marker sign with yellow writing. Large oak trees with spanish moss and sidewalk in background.

Fort Morris, now a Georgia State Park, was built to protect Sunbury.

An enclosed earthwork held cannons to shoot at enemy ships. Even though Sunbury fell to the British, it took a while…

After getting the demand to surrender from a British commander in 1778, Col. John McIntosh (now famously) sent his reply, “Come and take it!”

Today, visitors to Fort Morris State Historic Site can experience the cool visitor center and gift shop, birdwatching, and 66 acres of nature.

We loved walking the trails, boardwalk, and seeing where the bustling town port of long ago used to be.

wooded trail along Georgia marsh at state park with man using interactive history marker

Insider Tip: Although Fort Morris is open seven days a week, the museum is only open Thursday through Saturday.


If you are like us, you love Coastal Georgia seafood spots in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t be alarmed by the casual “shack” look on the outside. Southern restaurants like these typically produce the freshest seafood and nicest staff.

Sunbury Crab Company Restaurant is one of those places.

The best seafood, great service, and panoramic views of the Sunbury Harbor make this the place to be.

Don’t go without a reservation! They book up days in advance.

Enjoy a laid-back vibe while eating fresh Wild Georgia Shrimp, local oysters, steaks, or blue crabs!

Insider Tip: This restaurant is located at 541 Brigantine Dunmore Rd.,
Sunbury. Since the pandemic, dine-in reservations are now required by calling 912-432-1882.


It’s very easy to fly into Savannah Georgia and rent a car and continue the road trip to Richmond Hill and Midway Georgia.

From Savannah Airport to Richmond Hill is approximately 20 miles.


Continuing south from Richmond to Midway is a 14-mile drive. Then drive 11 miles southwest to Sunbury.

For the love of all things holy, travel down via Coastal Highway 17 instead of I-95.

Slow down and enjoy the journey!


Travel like a pro because THIS LUGGAGE can take it!

Sometimes you want more than Google maps – you just want to look at the “big picture” of an area. THIS is the road atlas I have and I LOVE it!

I also adore this Stylish Car Storage Bag.


How far is Richmond Hill GA from the beach?

It’s about 27 miles to the nearest beach, Tybee Island, Georgia!

Things to do in Richmond Hill during COVID?

Most of the things to do in Richmond Hill GA that I mentioned above are outdoor activities… Fort McAllister, driving tour of Richmond Hill, Historic Downtown, Fort Morris, etc.

What county is Richmond Hill Georgia in?

Bryan County

How far is Richmond Hill from Savannah?

It’s 21 miles from Savannah to Richmond Hill

What is Richmond Hill GA known for?

It’s best known for being the winter haven for automotive billionaire, Henry Ford and his wife Clara in the 1940s.


Richmond Hill and neighboring cities Midway and Sunbury are perfect places to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors and history.

Family-friendly areas with great restaurants and many places to see near Savannah and Tybee Beach.

While in Savannah, be SURE to do the Old Town Trolley Tour! You’ll find a discount HERE.

You can read our Georgia travel guides HERE.


Georgia coast ocean and marsh shoreline with American flag on the right


If you love military history and are passing through Hinesville, Georgia, be sure to visit the 3rd Infantry Division Museum. Take a detour west from Midway to visit the historic 1871 Dorchester Academy.


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