How To Conquer Dirty Laundry Fast & Easy With #2 MUST-DO HACKS!

2 AMAZING DIRTY LAUNDRY HACKS YOU'VE GOTTA TRYTwo things that we can count on in this world are dirty dishes and dirty laundry.  Amen?  To create a less chaotic home, we’ve got to break free from the stress of always worrying about dirty laundry being washed, dried, and put away.  May sound silly, but it’s life-changing, Y’all!  If keeping everyone’s clothes clean and ready is a stressful thorn in your side, then let’s get a handle on it with this one MUST-DO hack and some bonus ones too, shall we?!

Dirty laundry solutions

I could go on and on about the changes I’ve made in how I deal with dirty laundry on a daily basis and it feels as though I’ve pulled that thorn out of my side, so to speak.  It used to be such a burden but I actually enjoy laundry duty now!  Laundry duty is no longer bringing me down AND we actually have clean clothes to wear when we reach for them.

#1 Only one at a time!!!

If you are struggling to get your whole laundry issue under control then lean in close to what I’m about to share with you.  Start your laundry intervention by not putting the second load of laundry in the washer until the first load is clean, dry, and put away.  AND wash at least one load – every single day.  I know it sounds crazy, (especially for large families), but stick with me, friend.

Part of laundry chaos is having clothes in all stages all of the house in an unorganized hot mess – dirty, clean but wrinkled in the hamper, dry but still in the dryer, wet and forgotten in the washer, etc.  The ultimate goal, in the end, is to figure out how many loads a day would be ideal for your family.  When you are just starting out, getting in the habit of following through with one load of laundry to the end is key!  After you’ve mastered that hack, then you can add more loads.

#2  Deal with dry clothes immediately 

The next most important hack to deal with dirty laundry chaos is to deal with clothes immediately after they are clean and dry – and do so in the laundry room.  What do I mean?  By removing clothes from the dryer as soon as it buzzes (or your phone timer goes off) will eliminate your laundry stress by 50%.  Instead of leaving clothes in the dryer to get wrinkled (where most will have to be ironed later), put hangup clothes on hangers immediately.  If you have to throw unmentionables, socks, and PJs in a hamper to fold later, so be it.  But get those shirts, pants, skirts, etc. on a hanger a.s.a.p. and let every family come and retrieve them from the laundry room rod.

I can’t remember the last time I used an iron and ironing board.  Seriously!  I put my dryer on the permanent press setting and hang up clothes as soon as that dryer dings.

Life changing, Y’all!

How to do Laundry fast & easy
There are more tips to share why I love doing laundry and laundry room organization.  I’ll share how I sort clothes, create a place for each family member, treat stains like a boss, and get the fam to pitch in without whining.  All that can wait for our next cleaning hacks post though.  Til then, be diligent to make these two dirty laundry hacks into habits and you’ll thank me later!

I hope these dirty laundry hacks have helped ease the struggle of getting it done.  Be sure to share your tips below in the comments also!




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