How To Guarantee Wholesome Family Shows Are Normal Not Rare

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5 easy steps to spread the message that wholesome family shows are wantedI get more passionate about good wholesome family shows every day.  I know you love them too because you’ve made my family-friendly entertainment posts some of my most popular ever.  You’ve loved:

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You probably already know like I do that money makes the world go ’round in this industry.  Even in the “wholesome” or Christian entertainment industry, money has to be made.  Producers (no matter who they are) are not interested in creating anything that’s high risk or that will lose them money.  This can work in our favor though. Even if a less-than-conservative producer or sponsor doesn’t believe in a wholesome show’s message -but KNOWS that it will make them money – they’ll produce it!

So how in the world do we let “Hollywood” know that we want quality family shows???  Here are 5 easy steps to spread the message that wholesome family shows are what we want:

1. Get engaged on Social Media

Social media has changed from a personal social spot to one that brands/businesses are using to spread their message.  I’ve learned from working with travel, food, and home brands that they are paying attention to what you are saying about them on social media.  Most of them really want to please us because, in the end, they make more money with great customer service.

Figure out the network that your favorite family shows are on.  HERE’S a link to television and movie producer’s websites.  There you will find contact and social media links.  Follow them and then…  Talk about why you love quality TV shows and tag these producers.

Twitter and Facebook are the top ones that will definitely get their attention.  Encourage your friends to do the same.

2. Watch good shows consistently 

No matter whether you get your TV show fix on cable, Sling TV, Netflix, or others, be sure to watch good shows consistently.  This leaves the profound message that they are doing something right when they see how much consistency there is.  This also makes them money!

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3. Buy full seasons whenever possible

If you are without cable or satellite like us, you watch your family shows on Netflix, Sling Tv, or the like.  Rather than buying one episode of a TV series at a time, go ahead and buy the whole season.  This not only saves you money but sends a clear message that we can’t get enough of quality entertainment!

4. Send FB post to producers

Most folks spend lots of time on Facebook.  Why not make your time count?!

Remember how you followed the producers of TV shows back at #1?  Go to that Facebook page and leave them a message about what you think of the show.  You can also talk about them and tag them easily.  Really elaborate and encourage your followers to share your message.  This will get lots of attention.

5. Thank the sponsors

A fabulous way to keep quality family shows on the tube is to thank the sponsors that support them.  In the past, people have been asked to boycott specific sponsors for being a part of controversial shows.  Let’s follow that same idea but with positive reinforcement for companies that are supporting wholesomeness.  If enough of a stir is caused, they will continue to put their money behind these family sitcoms, TV series, and such.

Family Friendly Shows on insp

What did I miss?  Do you have easy tips for making family shows common instead of a rarity?


5 easy steps to spread the message that wholesome family shows are wanted

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