East Coast Road Trip (Day 2) Leaving Tybee Island & Going Where?

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Alright, I brought you along for the early part of Day 1 of our East Coast Road Trip and now before we move on to day 2, let me share lots of details, photography, and all…..

Princess was begging to get in there and see the campground’s gift shop.  

All kids do that, right?

Watch River’s End Campground Store Video

It was great knowing that the Police Station was close to our campsite.   In between River’s End Campground and the police station are two, very cool dog parks.  One for small dogs under 20 pounds and another spot nearby for the big ones.  Here’s the 411 on Tybee Island Parks.

trip day 2 main pic
Watch the Tybee Island Dog Park Video

After dinner, we wanted to ride around Tybee Island and check out the scene, the stores, and the general atmosphere of this small coastal town.  Unfortunately we can’t report on any seafood restaurants {or any eat-out joints} since we’ve had to stick to an allergy-free diet that we prepare ourselves these days.

But we sure did have fun looking around!


Day 2 of our Road Trip

Superman had mapped out a route in his mind that we could run first thing in the morning.  He said it was a great way to see more of the area and get some exercise and he was exactly right.    I fought the idea at first, wanting to rest, but he was right.  We had a great time.

I did marry Mr. Right, after all.

His course took us from our camper door to a “big square” that would bring us back around easily to the campground.  I have no idea how far we ran but it was just enough to not wear us out.  From one Mom to another, I felt safe in the campground, around town, and even on our run through neighborhoods and other parts of Tybee.   Not sure if you think about those things as much as me, but I wanted you to know.

Here’s what we saw in the wee hours of daylight while hitting the pavement:

The famous Mermaid Cottages

After we returned to the camper,  we changed our running shoes into flip flops and decided to quickly visit the historic district and the beach before we had to hit the road.



We hated to leave on one hand but were excited to visit our next destination and the surprises we had lined up for Princess.  Remember, she didn’t want to know where we’re going so it was time to put the eye patch back on.

Watch Leaving Tybee & Heading Where?

Where do YOU think we’ll stop next along on our East Coast Road Trip?

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