The How-to Weekly ~ 1st Sunday of May Edition

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Hello Gorgeous friend.

Cozy on up to get refreshed because I’ve got all my favs from this week here,  just for you.  

  • Fun & helpful How-tos to knock your socks off
  • Inspiring stories
  • A dose of optimism
  • A scoop of motivation
  • And a side of Guru life

For this How-to Weekly Edition Shindig, cue the confetti, honey.  God’s Spring confetti, that is.











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how-to-weekly-may-edition 01


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What’s taking up time and thought in my little pea brain this week?  

A lot, actually.

Besides the normal busyness of teaching school, running a home and family, and meeting our other weekly commitments, I’m constantly thinking about either writing, traveling, food allergies or wedding stuff.  

That’s a weird combo, huh?

I’m spending a lot of time thinking and praying about what foods or home allergens need to be removed to get some allergy relief around here. — Then my mind shifts to thinking about weddings.  


You can read about the allergy stuff going on here.  Remember when I shared that Captain proposed to the love of his life?  You can read about it the sweet proposal here.  Well, the planning has shifted into full swing as they have decided not to wait until next Spring but rather to tie that knot this Fall.

As in — only a few months from now.

Wahooooo.  Let the planning begin.

Right now, the big decision is where they want to get married.  Captain’s fiance,’ E, wants an outdoor wedding so they are trying to find the perfect place.  

I’m having fun learning more and more about my sweet daughter-in-love-to-be, watching my son build his life, and all the ideas they are coming up with.  It’s a new season of life for us and it’s pretty awesome, actually.

They came to visit last weekend and did their first bridal registry.  So excited for them.  While here, E wowed us with her Jalepeno poppers.  She and Princess worked hard to bless us for dinner.

Aren’t they adorable?














































Fun times, fun times.

 I leave you with my favorite inspirational video of the week.  In light of Mother’s Day next weekend, I thought you’d enjoy the sweet reminder of what a blessing our children are {especially if you are having a tough time with them right now}.

Happy Early Mother’s Day, Sweet Mama.



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    June 11, 2015 / 6:49 am

    Thank you Amy. It was sweet wasn’t it?!


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