How To Save Money FAST With Kroger Weekly Ad And Digital Coupons

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I shared how to use the Kroger Plus card and Kroger ad to quickly save money on groceries without any work. This week I’m sharing how to save money fast with the Kroger weekly ad AND digital coupons without clipping the first coupon!

Save Money Fast & Easy with Kroger Weekly AD!!!

I’m challenging myself to only spend $65 cash for the week at Kroger without clipping coupons.  I hope you can set your own budget and have fun with it. Just like last week, I’m going to take you with me through the easiest process to save money at Kroger for beginners.  Y’all, it’s so easy and takes only minutes.

Kroger Weekly Ad & Digital Coupons

The following lists the three hacks from last week plus this week’s new tip.

1.  Sign up for a Kroger Plus card

They’ll hand you an application at the store for a Kroger Plus card as you are checking out (you can use right away), or you can apply online before you head to the store.  Trust me, this is a no-brainer because you will save a lot of money even if you do nothing else.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the cashier if you can give her your Kroger Plus card at the end of your transaction and watch the cost drop dramatically from the retail price.

2.  Find a local savings website for your area

Do you know of a website that does your local deal-matching for you?  This has been a game changer for me because I had no idea what “good sale prices” on food items were.  The deal site that I use is fabulous and services those on the east coast (from the deepest south, over to Louisville Kentucky, and up to the Mid Atlantic states) by doing the time-consuming work of listing all the deals from the Kroger weekly ad each week.
Our local website scours the Kroger Ad (and many other stores) and finds the Kroger sales for each week, and then a simple list is there for us to scroll through quickly. From the list, you can “check” the ones you want to buy so that a printable list can be taken with you to the store. -- Master your kitchen & become a celebrity chef for less!

3.  Set a weekly spending budget

So the experts say $100 per person- per month is what a frugal American family should be spending on groceries.  For example, a family of four would only spend $400 (only 100 a week). That’s pretty low, wouldn’t you agree?  I’m ready to try my hand at this and make the stakes a little higher by setting the challenge at only $65 a week instead of $100 (I’d love you to join me).  By using the methods I show you with the Kroger weekly ad and other tips, you can keep your budget very low AND have plenty of meals for wholesome meals.

4.  Sign up for account at Kroger’s website and use digital coupons suggested on your savings site

Quickly go to the Kroger site and sign up.  Go back to your regional savings site (mine is Southern Savers).  Click on each Kroger digital card suggested for the items that you plan to buy.  You are welcome to scroll through the Kroger digital coupons that are available this week and ‘add’ them to your Kroger Plus card, OR if you are if a huge rush, only ‘add’ the Kroger digital coupons that are suggested on your savings site.  I explain and show you how below.

How did I do on week two of the $65 cash for groceries challenge?  Watch  How to Save Money on Groceries at Kroger below:


I just realized that I didn’t share any dinner meal ideas. I made a slow cooker pork roast with veggies last night. Tonight, it’s healthy oven-fried hot wings and skillet green beans.  I’ll probably make spaghetti with salad, chicken stir fry with vegetables over rice soon. Later I’ll make taco soup, homemade burgers with oven-fried sweet potato fries, and BBQ chicken with roasted broccoli.

Save Money Fast & Easy with Kroger Weekly AD!!!

Do you already use the Kroger weekly ad?

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