May Crazy & Shenanigans | 2017 Vlog #3 (Southern Living)

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What just happened here?!  Busy. Full. Fun. Exhausting.  May crazy.  Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it! The end of the school year swept in and took over our lives in a cloud of performances, graduations, parties, banquets, and more.

May Crazy - Southern Living Vlog #3

One of the best things about the IG community is connecting with other women from all around! Feel free to join me and a few other lovelies in our newest journey ” Weekly wives chat!” Whether you’ve been married for years or are a newlywed, it will be fun to have some Q&As , grab some tips and/or give some advice to other ladies ! We will be “meeting” every Wednesday night ! Here’s how it works : 1. Follow me and be a part of the community ? And if you want to be a part of the wife chat group and/or host, send me a DM ! 2. Answer the question 3. Go to @lovelylittlelives Follow the steps until you reach back to the start of the chat. Tonight’s question: What’s your secret as a husband/wife team to stand united when it comes to challenges with the rest of the world? Kids, family, friends, etc?

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End of the school year

We’ve attended so many 2017 graduation parties and ceremonies that I seriously have pomp and circumstance on rewind in my brain these days.

May Crazy - Southern Living Vlog #3

It’s June now though and officially summa, baby!  Praise Jesus!  We have a big bucket list o’ fun planned for the next couple months and I have a ridiculously easy meal planning idea that I can’t wait to send your way – so stay tuned!

If you missed the last videos, you can catch up by watching weekly vlog #1 and weekly vlog #2.

Can’t view the video? watch shenanigans

I hope you’ve enjoyed this time with us. Til next time…..

May Crazy - Southern Living Vlog #3

Tell me about what was crazy about YOUR May below!

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