Thanksgiving 2018 Travel Ideas: Best Of The North Georgia Mountains

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If you’re looking for Thanksgiving 2018 travel ideas for nostalgic AND modern family activities that the whole family will enjoy, look no further than the North Georgia Mountains!  Our family has visited the North Georgia Mountains at all seasons of the year but there’s just something special about the mountains in the fall.  We’ve celebrated Thanksgiving in Helen, Dahlonega, and Hiawassee, Georgia during the Thanksgiving holidays and I’m sharing the best things to do if you want to do the same…

Thanksgiving 2018

I enjoy showcasing the best of the North Georgia Mountains that you could enjoy for Thanksgiving 2018 – or any time of the year.  I love sharing about the entire southern United States that are so incredibly scenic and fun for families.  Here’s what we spent our time doing on our trips to the mountains during the fall holidays.  I hope you find your own traditions and fun along the way.

I have many memories and much photography of the gorgeous North Georgia Mountains to share with you in hopes that it will help you when you are looking for ideas of where to go on vacation.

Hiawassee Georgia

We traveled at the beginning of the week from home to the Riverbend Campground in Hiawassee, Georgia. The rain just kept pouring and the temps kept dropping.  Our spirits would not be dampened though {along with our traveling friends} and we pressed on..

We were all ready for a Holiday Break!

It was a great week of detox from the pressures of the outside world.  With limited cable and terrrrrible internet connection, we had no choice but to take a breather and spend time with each other like we should.

Before we knew it, it was Thanksgiving Day!  We were able to catch the Macy’s Day Parade on our camper’s TV while preparing our goodies.

Where and What did we eat for our big Thanksgiving Meal?

I’m glad you asked!

We were thrilled that the Riverbend Campground Staff had invited all of us camping residents to come to their pavilion for a potluck feast.  They provided roasted turkey, fried turkey, ham and boston butt along with all the paper goods.

Us camping folk were to bring sides and desserts.

Did we have enough to eat?

You be the judge…..

Scaly Mountain

About 35 miles north of our campground {up and around the mountains} is a fun, family outdoor center:

What was our group doing on Black Friday while the rest of existence shopped for bargains?

Snow Tubing and Ice Skating, of course!



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  1. December 5, 2013 / 7:01 am

    This looks like lots of fun!! 😀

  2. December 7, 2013 / 5:43 pm

    Looks like lots of fun & the scenery is gorgeous! I’m from East TN. I miss those pretty mountains.
    Stopping by from SITS.

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