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I’ve been so busy with fall family travel ideas articles that I thought it would be fun to sit and chat a while.  I’d want to share my October favorites that I’m loving right now and catch you up on what’s happening ’round here.  So grab a yummy fall beverage and come chill on the front porch with me, friend.

check out her AWESOME October Favorites

October Favorites

I’m so excited to be sharing my October favorites with you – because I can’t keep them to myself!  My biggest secret anytime of the year is to use your Ebates link before ANY online purchases.  You literally type in the store name and it redirects you so that you will get credit.  That’s all you have to do.  Oh, and then get yo’ big fat check out of the mailbox too!  😉


I’ve already written a post about the effectiveness of this product.  It’s still one of my October favorites because it makes my hair look fresh, shiny, and voluminous – daysss without shampooing (shhh!).  This product does give a touch of a blond color to your hair if it’s light.

I have a very hard time finding these dry shampoos in the store, so I love ordering them from Amazon.  If you are a brunette, use this one.  If you only want volume and freshness with no color, then use one of these.

My favorite Beauty tool secret for blonds!

Affordable Fall fashion

Lots of adorable boutique stores are popping up everywhere in towns and online.  The problem is that their prices are out of the roof.  As a frugal wifey, I can’t – I ain’t doing it!  That’s what I love about Jane – you can find deals with up to 80% off every day! It is my secret weapon for super-cute, trendy clothes at rock bottom prices. Mama loves getting “cute” for cheap.


For instance, it’s cardigan weather ’round here.  Jane has the cutest lace tanks to go under those sweaters.  Y’all!  This tank comes in tons of colors and covers the tummy well.  How adorable and comfy is this look for any age?!

the PERFECT lace Tank

These days, I’m obsessed with grey and pink, so when I saw this oversized fall blanket or scarf, I went crazy.  And it’s only $8.99 at the time of this posting!

women’s plaid scarf

Christmas gift ideas

Y’all.  I find that men are the hardest in the world to buy for, any time of the year. Amen?  I love it when I find unique Christmas gifts for the fellas and I can’t keep it a secret.  Check out these neat, multipurpose gloves that have a light on two of the knuckles!  These means that our fellas can be hands-free when they must repair things in darkness or do outdoor thangs.

multipurpose glove gift idea

Favorite October Moments

We’ve been pretty busy with lots of October Favorites, memories, that is!  Recently I’ve published three YouTube videos with all that’s been going on.  We’ve been kicked out of an Atlanta hospital at 2 a.m., our baby got her class ring and Senior pix, and my Pa-in-law bought a house close to us.  Just in case you don’t subscribe yet, here’s a visual of what we’ve been up to lately:

 Two Weeks of REAL life in a Southern Family
How to Boil & Peel Eggs Perfectly 
October 2017 Vlog #10
I just love fall!  Have fun with these.

What are your October favorites, friend?


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  1. Jazz
    November 16, 2017 / 3:33 pm

    Love that yellow cardigan!

    • Shan
      November 16, 2017 / 4:48 pm

      Me too! It yells, “FALL!” doesn’t it?

      much love,

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