How To Save Money on Groceries Every Single Time

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If  we asked a roomful of women if they want to save money on groceries, I’d bet your sweet syrup that almost every of them would say, “Of course!”  That number would increase even more if they knew it could be low-effort in order to get the job done.  We all have much to do as busy wives and that leaves little time to save money on groceries.  I love encouraging my frands, so I’m sharing some of my secrets with you friend …..

save money on groceries

You see, now that I’ve realized quick hacks to save money on groceries, I can’t hush about it!  I want every other wife to know the scoop.  My friend Jennifer over at Self Reliant School has a fabulous site about not only saving money but a beginner’s look at self-sufficiency.  I’m sharing on over on her blog today with tips to easily save money without trying too hard at all …..

Save Money on Groceries

Gardening, raising livestock, and food preservation are wonderful ways to save money on groceries to become more self-sufficient.  How can money be saved on those food items that must be bought at the supermarket?  The majority of families become overwhelmed at the thought of the time commitment needed to save money at the grocery store.  However, it can be quick, easy, and fun.

There are several small ways that will save time, money, effort, and sanity every single time we need to head to the store.

8 easy habits for saving money on groceries without the fuss

Each shelf in the refrigerator can be designated for certain food groups. For us, the top shelf is for fresh fruit only. The second shelf is for fresh vegetables and complex carbs. The third shelf is for all dairy, beverages, chicken broth, and any other cooking aids. The fourth shelf is for leftovers and any other large items …..

Read the whole entry:   8 Ways To Save Easily!

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