Encouraging September – I Dare You! #EncouragementDare

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Remember when I told you that September is “encouraging month for the wives” around here?   Get ready, friend – there’s gonna be so much wife encouragement that it’ll be contagious.  All month for Encouraging September, there will be giveaways, helpful hacks, and a very serious “DARE” that I’m handing down to you …..


Yes, there will be random little giveaways that are for just my close sistahs that have subscribed to the Guru newsletter.

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There will be hope and helpful hacks all month to help us with what we’re needing right now — kitchen help, more time with God, and how to sneak in more rest, nutrition, and fitness (just a little – don’t run away)!  All of this will be spaced out over the whole month.

My prayer is that you will be blessed beyond measure around here and pass on those blessings to others.  “How, you ask?!”  I double-dawg dare you to join the #EncouragementDare with me! 

Here’s how:  September 12th is the National Day of Encouragement.  I’ve partnered up with Dayspring and I’ll be sharing easy ideas to encourage others between now and then!  You can share your stories on social media by using the hashtag #encouragementdare and tagging me @shanGURUwalker.

My friends at Dayspring describe the dare …..

Sometimes all it takes to get us to go that extra mile or to take that leap of faith toward the road less traveled is three little words…I. DARE. YOU. And, we also know that Scripture calls us to encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11), care for each other (1 Corinthians 12:26), think of ways to motivate one another (Hebrews 10:24), and accept one another (Romans 15:7).

#EncouragementDare for September 1st

Just the thought of reaching out and encouraging those around us can be overwhelming. It can feel uncomfortable to introduce yourself to a new church member or to ask someone if they need prayer, or even talk to a grieving friend about the loss of a loved one. And on top of that, there’s always the pressure to follow through with just the right words they need to hear.

Sooo, Dayspring came up with the “think fast” idea.  Simply encourage those around you in two minutes or less without a big production – sometimes the smallest gestures make the biggest impacts.  Here are a couple ways to do that …..

Send an eCard

Send a handwritten note

Build your words – so you don’t have to say them



 You can be encouraging without being awkward (and don’t forget to share your stories)!

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  1. Lori
    September 9, 2016 / 12:41 pm

    This sounds wonderful! We all could use encouragement every day. Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  2. Amy Hagerup
    September 13, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    Daily encouragement is so important. Thanks for spearheading this.

  3. Tami Qualls
    September 24, 2016 / 11:47 am

    I need to learn to be more of an encouragement rather than a discouragement. Love this prompt.

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