Did You Know About All Of These Coastal Georgia Islands?

I adore showcasing the best places to visit in Georgia.   Recently I’ve been in awe of the Coastal Georgia island that I knew virtually nothing about until recently.  Were they mentioned in eighth grade Georgia History class and I just missed it?  Either way, I’m bringing to light these neat islands in case you were in the dark about them too.

Some of the most uniquely, beautiful parts of our state are still a mystery to most of the world – especially those who are too busy to explore the state in which we live.  I used to be that person, to caught up in work and my own little world that I didn’t look around and see the beauty around me.  These days, I am travel writing every chance I get to share Georgia (and the rest of the South) with everyone.

Coastal Georgia

Of the 100 miles of coastline that stretches along Coastal Georgia, from St. Marys to Savannah, there are eight barrier islands.  Eight!  Most of us locals are really only familiar with the three developed ones that are accessible by road:  Tybee/Little Tybee, Jekyll, and St. Simons/Little St. Simons.  The other five are the ones that I’m dying to investigate:

  • Cumberland/Little Cumberland Island
  • Sapelo/Blackbeard Island
  • St. Catherines Island
  • Ossabaw Island
  • Wassaw Island

Did you know about these?  Well, let’s check them out, shall we?!

Cumberland Island/Little Cumberland Island

OK, this is one of the barrier islands not accessible by car that I did know about.  I was blessed to tag along with my another family’s best vacation spots to Cumberland as a young girl.  I went back to Cumberland Island Georgia with the family and a handful of friends and I feel even deeper in love.  On the latter trip, we all stayed at a nearby St Marys RV campground, and simply caught the ferry to ride over to Cumberland Island for the day.





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